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Palm Royale Will Return for a Candy-Colored, Madcap Season 2

Here’s everything you need to know about Season 2 of Palm Royale.

palm royale season 2

Photo: Apple TV+

If you, like me, thought Palm Royale, Abe Sylvia’s ’60s Palm Beach-set Apple TV+ romp starring a pratfalling Kristen Wiig (and also, inexplicably, Ricky Martin, Leslie Bibb, Laura Dern, Allison Janney and Carol Burnett), was ridiculously silly but also impossibly addictive, then I have good news: the streamer has now confirmed that a second season is on its way.

In truth, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise: the final episode of the first series ended on a cliffhanger, after all, with – spoiler alert – Ricky Martin’s Robert being shot when Julia Duffy’s delightfully unhinged Mary pulled a pistol out of her wig and attempted to assassinate President Nixon at the lavish Beach Ball, but missed after Laura Dern’s Linda tried to tackle her to the ground. As Kristen Wiig’s Maxine screamed out to her dying friend, the credits began to roll. So, will Robert live? And will Linda, who was ultimately found with the gun, go down for the crime?

And these aren’t the only questions that need answering, either. Will Carol Burnett’s Norma – whom Robert discovers is actually the real Norma’s boarding school roommate, Agnes, who killed her and assumed her identity – still be exposed, considering that the only person who seems to know her secret may not survive? What will happen to Kaia Gerber’s wide-eyed manicurist Mitzi, who is now pregnant with the child of Maxine’s hapless husband, Douglas (Josh Lucas)? Will Maxine leave said husband? What will become of Douglas’s plan to turn the stunning Dellacorte mansion into a club? And, most importantly, will this starry cast be able to align their schedules to ensure that they can all return?

It’ll be a while yet before we know – though, I have to admit that as long as Season 2 of Palm Royale provides as many spectacular interiors and glorious vintage fashion as the first, it’ll hardly matter. I’ll be powerless to resist.

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