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A Call for Humanity: Our November Issue Pays Homage to Doctors and Journalists in Gaza

Vogue Arabia’s November 2023 edition is a call for peace and humanity, condemning terrorism and the killing of innocent lives.

Dedicated to the brave doctors, nurses, and reporters in Gaza, the issue pays homage to their heroic commitment as they implement vital work amid inhuman conditions. The cover also features traditional hand-embroidery from different regions of Palestine, in an ode to its culture and a further appeal for humanity.

What is currently happening in Gaza, in front of the eyes of the world, is one of the biggest disasters in history, and a failure shared by us all. While individually we cannot stop the death toll in Gaza, we can collectively raise our voices, putting pressure on governments and international organizations to find a peaceful solution to stop the violence. This should be a global effort, regardless of our ethnicity or religion.

Vogue Arabia has been supporting the non-profit organization Doctors Without Borders, which is actively working to provide aid to innocent civilians. Here, you can also find a list of other relief organizations to support now.

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