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Ever Come Across a Muslim Praying in Public? This is What Noor Tagouri Suggests You Do

Noor Tagouri

In a series of tweets posted on September 23, Libyan-American journalist Noor Tagouri shed light on the practice of Islamic prayers, in public places particularly. Tagouri started by writing that the day before her tweets were posted, her family was praying in an empty space at a convention center when someone called security on them.

“Which I get,” she wrote, saying that she understood that some people may not know what Muslim prayers look like, and seeing a group of people with “their heads touching the ground…it can look sus (I guess).”

Aiming to inform more people about the religion’s prayers, Tagouri proceeded to post a picture depicting the different positions a worshipper tends to go through while praying.” I wanted to share an image of the different positions during a Muslim prayer,” she wrote.

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Tagouri shared that the need to pray in public places arises from the fact that Muslims offer prayers five times a day. “Which means, we gotta get creative with the places we do it. I’ve prayed EVERYWHERE,” she wrote emphasizing her point by saying that she has prayed at “Parking lots, stair wells, dressing rooms, etc.”

Through her tweets, Tagouri also informed her followers of a few things they must keep in mind when they come across a worshipper in public. “Just keep going about your day,” she tweeted. Adding: “You don’t need to ask if we are okay – we are. And if you get us to talk during prayer we just gotta start over. So plz just respect the time we take from to have that spiritual connection. If you have questions, just wait until we are done, it’ll only be a moment.”

The journalist reposted the same to her Instagram account, captioning the post with, “Would love if you could share this with any person you think would feel uncomfortable or call security if they saw Muslims praying. As someone who is Muslim, I don’t expect ppl to know something that is a daily ritual for us — hope this helps.” The comments section filled up with some followers expressing their gratitude, thanking Tagouri for sharing the information, while others shared instances of when they came across worshippers in public.

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