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Vogue Takes on the Big NYE Debate (Home vs Out)

new year

Photographed by Nicolas Moore for Vogue Arabia’s April 2017 issue

What’s it going to be? Your silk pjs and an epic box set with your family at home? Perhaps even a buffet-style feast with your favorite people and some tried-and-trusted games. Or have you already got your head-to-toe red carpet look locked down and tickets books for a high society outing this New Year’s Eve? If you are teetering on the fence about whether to go all out or stay in, the Vogue features desk is here to help sway you with a tug-and-pull of things to consider either way… Tell the chauffeur to wait and read this first before slipping that stiletto on.

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Pros for Going Out

#1: There’s only one way to justify that epic spend at Chanel: take your investments to the dance floor! Rihanna‘s greatest hits on full blast in a club calls for one more shimmy/shake in a bouclé dress.

#2: A VIP concert, dinner with your beau, or a chalet full of your friends – these are the cultured happenings to ink into your diary on the last day of 2017. After all, you can admire your chandeliers all year round. It’s time to see someone else’s crystal.

#3: Your wardrobe has a whole lot more high-shine, paillettes, and satin to it than dull, stay-at-home staples. To be home-bound would anger your inner fashion icon. Plus, you must see how your Pucci fares with her Prada.

If you are planning to go out then here are 10 of the best party dresses approved by the fashion desk:

Pros for Staying Home

#1: You’ve done it all in 2017. But the one thing you need more of is ‘me’ time. Cue: your favorite cashmere throw, a lace face mask, and some luxe candles diminishing as the hours pass. Who really needs red carpets, inevitable queues, and ferocious party dress comparisons?

new year

The home of Pascale Habis photographed by Mark Luscombe-Whyte for Vogue Arabia’s September issue 2017

#2: Home. It’s where you can have the best of both worlds – an evening of zero travel in your favorite sanctuary, and the best company can be curated in a sequence of taps on your iPhone. Go one step further and book a butler and caterer so you don’t have to lift a manicured finger (plus, your velvet sofa really is rather comfortable).

#3: While most of the Middle East (and those partying in NYC, Paris, or London) will wake up to brunch on the first day of 2018 with mild exhaustion, you will begin the year rested and ready to build your empire.

If you’re positive that you’re staying in, these key pieces will make it extra fabulous:

However you choose to spend you NYE 2017, team Vogue Arabia wish you a wonderful year ahead.

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