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8 Fashion Pro Ways to Update Your Home

Fashion designers, editors, and stylists also double up as unofficial sources for interior design inspiration because it’s their business to curate the cool from the average. The Instagram feeds of natty interior designers and fashion pioneers are perfect go-to destinations to decode what insider decor is ranking high in the trend stakes across the board. Vogue Arabia investigates what your home needs now, inspired by those in the zeitgeist of style, and shops key pieces that will help you hit refresh on your at-home sanctuary.

Design Lesson #1: Pink and red work well together.

International street style star and Italian fashion designer Gilda Ambrosio gives the thumbs up to contrasting candy floss pink with rich red cushions.

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Design Lesson #2: At touch of leopard print goes a long way.

A cosy but elevated space can be made so with the placement of a chandelier, rich painted colors on panelled walls, and one flourish of leopard print. Experiment with animal print textiles to trial run the look before committing to a larger scale scheme.

Design Lesson #3: Modernist leather and monochrome tiling are on-point for 2017.

Attico founder Giorgia Tordini gives her stamp of approval to Balenciaga’s interior design.

Design Lesson #4: When it comes to cushions, more is more.

Stylist Pernille Teisbaek’s eclectic mix of cushions proves the point that personality-packed sofas filled with pieces from across the globe earn style points (and more followers on Instagram).

Design Lesson #5: Don’t underestimate a bold color contrast against natural tones.

Afghanistan culture platform From Laala capture the perfect balance of muted walls with a vibrant statement centrepiece here. Note that Pantone have revealed 2017’s hot hue, so copy/paste that into your interior design palette.

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Design Lesson #6: Your trusty leather biker jacket can be a design statement at home, too.

Typography artist Jasmine Dowling deftly demonstrates that a love-worn jacket can be a piece of art to admire, too. Exposed rails at the ready.

Design Lesson #7: Gold accents elevate a bold space.

If your walls are painted a deep hue, add an extra dimension to the room with metallic gold show pieces, reflective art, or gold-tinged mirrors.

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Design Lesson #8: There’s no such thing as too many striking arches.

Elisa Sednaoui captures the futureproof quality of Egyptian architecture on her travels for the ESF. Emphasize such features with white walls, mosaics, and well appointed greenery.

Vogue Arabia shops the new key pieces that will hit refresh on your home, see the edit in the gallery above.

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