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Netflix UAE: 10 Must-Watch TV Shows And Movies To Stream In May 2024

Picture this: you are headed home after a tiring week at work. Sure, you could catch up with friends at the best Saturday brunches in the city or hit up the most Instagrammable spots in Dubai. But you find yourself craving some quality time with your loved ones. Preferably without having to change out of your sweatpants. If you chose the latter, you are in luck—Netflix UAE has an exciting slate of titles for the month of May. So fire up the popcorn and cozy up on the couch with our round-up of what’s new on Netflix in the UAE. 

Bridgerton Netflix UAE

Netflix UAE: Exciting local content to keep an eye out for

Call it the Dubai Bling effect if you will, but the list of UAE Netflix originals is a burgeoning one with exciting originals around every corner. Ever since Perfect Strangers cinched its title as the first Netflix original in Arabic, there has been no looking back. A remake of an Italian film of the same name, the comedy drama follows the story of a group of friends who decide to leave their phones unlocked on the table at a dinner party. Unsurprisingly, secrets are revealed and relationships are strained. “Do you think you know your friends?” Find out the answer in this tale that soared to the top 10 UAE Netflix original movies.

Since then, you may have found that your playlist zoomed in to focus on regional favorites. Perhaps Al Rawabi School for Girls season 2 made it to your list of UAE Netflix original shows to watch over and over again. Or maybe Dubai Bling helped you immerse yourself in the sheer opulence that the city has to offer without moving an inch. 

The future looks bright with a host of new UAE Netflix original series to look forward to. Love Is Blind, Habibi brings the global sensation to Dubai’s sunny shores, while the hit Kuwaiti drama The Exchange gears up for a second season.

What’s trending on Netflix in the UAE?

But until these titles make it to your screen, there’s plenty to catch up on right now. So, what are the best films on Netflix UAE and TV shows that everybody hooked on to this month? A quick look at the trending list will prove that there is something for everybody. Travel back in time to pre-Independence India with Bollywood epic Heeramandi or feel the chills roll down your spine with sci-fi flick Atlas. Looking for some easy laughs? Kuwaiti romcom Honeymoonish won’t disappoint. 

What’s new on Netflix in the UAE this month? 

If you are looking for a quick escape from everyday life, here’s a closer look at the best series on Netflix UAE as well as the movies and documentaries to add to your watchlist.

Best TV shows on Netflix UAE to watch this month 


Genre: Period drama

Released on: 1 May, 2024

Watch this if… You’d like a closer look at the lives of courtesans in British-ruled India, starring Manisha Koraila, Sonakshi Sinha and Aditi Rao Hydari. Counted among the best TV shows on Netflix UAE at the moment, there is the side bonus of feasting your eyes on the grandeur and opulence that can only be found in a Sanjay Leela Bhansali production. 

A Man In Full

Genre: Drama

Released on: May 2, 2024

Watch this if… You’ve always wondered what goes on behind closed doors when a real estate mogul’s empire (essayed by Jeff Daniels) collapses before his eyes. Based on a Tom Wolfe novel of the same name, this intriguing miniseries is unsurprisingly on everyone’s must-watch Netflix UAE TV shows list.

Bridgerton (season 3)

Genre: Period romance

Releasing on: May 16, 2024

Watch this if… You swooned at the Duke’s romance and found yourself losing your heart to the  Viscount. Now, prepare for some major feels as Colin Bridgerton (played by Luke Newton) realizes what he has been seeking has been in front of him all along in one of the most anticipated names among Netflix’s upcoming releases.  

Thank You, Next

Genre: Romance

Released on: May 9, 2024

Watch this if… You wouldn’t mind revisiting the pain of your first breakup but through the eyes of a successful lawyer played by Serenay Sarikaya. The highly anticipated Turkish series is counted among Netflix’s latest releases that you won’t be able to stop bingeing. 

The 8 Show

Genre: Dark thriller

Releasing on: May 17, 2024

Watch this if… You couldn’t tear your eyes away from Squid Game and have been looking for a high-stakes thriller ever since. The quest will lead you to this drama that follows eight strangers trapped in a concrete space for the chance to win a jackpot of 44.8 billion won. 

The Atypical Family

Genre: Supernatural romance

Released on: May 4, 2024

Watch this if… Your K-drama watchlist has been looking a little empty after you blitzed your way through Crash Landing On You. A quintessential Korean romance (starring Jang KiYong and Chun WooHee) with a supernatural twist, follow the lives of an atypical family on the brink of losing their superpowers until their encounter with a mysterious stranger.

Best films on Netflix UAE to watch this month

Don’t have quite as much time to devote to multiple seasons of a TV show? Take your pick from the best movies to watch on Netflix UAE.


Genre: Romcom

Released on: 29 April, 2024

Watch this if… You’re looking to cozy up with a tale of a newly married couple on a honeymoon that will make it all come apart. With a side bonus of feasting your eyes on the grandeur of Lebanon, this romcom starring Nour Al Ghandour and Mahmoud Boushahri is counted among the top UAE picks on Netflix. If you didn’t catch it when it came out at the end of last month, you’ll want to remedy that now.

Mother of the Bride

Genre: Romcom

Released on: May 9, 2024

Watch this if… It’s been a while since your screen lit up with Brooke Shields’ charismatic presence. This time in the role of the mother of the bride, follow along as she copes with her daughter’s whirlwind engagement that spotlights her own previous heartbreaks.  If you love destination weddings, this will definitely top you list of movies to watch on Netflix UAE.


Genre: Sci-fi action

Releasing on: May 24, 2024

Watch this if… You’ve always pondered about the sinister implication of artificial intelligence (AI). This sci-fi flick follows the gripping tale of a data analyst (played by Jennifer Lopez) whose only way to win the war against AI is to trust it.

The Final: Attack on Wembley

Genre: Sports documentary

Released on: May 8, 2024

Watch this if… You’d like the answer to the question, “what can happen if 6,000 ticketless fans storm the stadium?” The answer: chaos and destruction. Strap in for a turbulent ride as a horde of fans take matters into their own hands when England is finally in the lead of a major football championship.

Netflix UAE: Subscription models and pricing

So, how much is Netflix for 1 month in UAE? You will find that the answer depends on your needs. Netflix UAE plans offer a wide berth of options for individuals as well as families. Choose your champion below:

Netflix basic plan: AED 29 per month 

Netflix charges in UAE start from this base plan that offers the entire streaming catalog of the region limited to one screen at a time in standard definition (SD) quality. 

Netflix standard plan: AED 39 per month 

If you are looking for an upgrade, the average Netflix subscription in UAE for two screens at the same time comes in at AED 39 per month with options for high definition (HD) quality. 

Netflix premium plan: AED 56 per month 

If your family is looking to get in on the fun, this premium plan can support up to four screens at the same time with ultra high definition (UHD) and 4K content available. 

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