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Netflix UAE: 10 Exciting New TV Shows and Movies To Binge In July 2024

It’s a new month and there’s a new roster of movies, TV series and documentaries to be explored on Netflix UAE. so, what does July have in store for your watchlist? Expect nail-biting suspense, gravity-defying documentaries, chilling true crime tales and a dose of good ol’ romance. Ready to get started? Here’s closer look at the best TV series and films on Netflix UAE this month. 

Skywalkers: A Love Story Netflix UAE

Skywalkers: A Love Story

Netflix UAE: All the local content to catch up on

Sure, the latest Hollywood action blockbusters can serve as a thrilling ride. But there are those times when you find yourself craving a glimpse of home. And the good news is that the world of UAE Netflix originals is only too glad to deliver. 

If you are looking to live vicariously through the lives of Dubai’s elite, you aren’t the only one—since its premiere in 2022, Dubai Bling’s has quickly topped everyone’s list of UAE Netflix original shows to watch. How does the other half live? With everything served up on a monogrammed Versace platter, of course. 


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With a growing appetite for local content, the list of UAE Netflix originals doesn’t end there. Remember when Perfect Strangers became the first UAE Netflix original film in Arabic? The streaming service’s UAE roster has grown by leaps and bounds since then. Any ranking of new UAE Netflix original series would, of course, be incomplete without season 2 of AlRawabi School for Girls.

Looking forward, there are several new UAE Netflix original series to get excited over as well. The global sensation Love Is Blind, Habibi is geared to rewrite the dating rules for young singles in Dubai. And you can also pop the corn for a second season of the hit drama, The Exchange, soon. Expect the boys club of the 1980s Kuwait stock market to get disrupted all over again. 

What’s trending on Netflix in the UAE?

As you sift through the top UAE picks on Netflix, there are a host of trending titles to catch up on right now. So, what has netizens hooked to their screens this month? Jessica Alba’s action-thriller Trigger Warning continues its run on the top 10 charts. Hot on the heels of the special forces commando is Vijay Sethupathi’s Maharaja. Among the latest Netflix series releases, the third chapter of Bridgerton continues to straddle the leading spot for the seventh week running since its initial May release. 


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International content: What’s new on Netflix in the UAE this month? 

All caught up on the trending titles that everyone can’t stop talking about? Now, it is time to get ahead of the herd by clocking in the latest movie releases on Netflix before everyone else. If you are looking for new names to casually name-drop at a party, here’s a closer look at Netflix’s upcoming releases to bookmark.

Best movies to watch on Netflix UAE in July 2024

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F

Genre: Action-comedy

Released on: July 3

Add this to your watchlist if…: Your idea of a good time involves watching a street-smart cop hunt down baddies. In the fourth installment to the Beverly Hills Cop series, Eddie Murphy reprises his role after three decades and slips into the role of the gun-slinging detective with ease. Need some more Axel Foley on your screen? Take heart in the news that a fifth installment is already underway. 

Vanished Into The Night

Genre: Thriller

Releasing on: July 11

Add this to your watchlist if…: You have been sleeping on Italian thrillers—this suspenseful race-against-time serves as a good induction into the genre. Step into the lives of a separated couple as they discover the one thing that can make the divorce process more complicated: having to ransom their children after they have been kidnapped in the dead of the night. 

Find Me Falling

Genre: Romantic music drama

Releasing on: July 19

Add this to your watchlist if…: You’ve wondered what a rockstar does after a failed comeback album? If he chooses to leave his life in the hands of Netflix, he will find himself moving back to a dreamy island where he will attract unexpected visitors and a chance at rekindling an old flame. A worthy addition to your list of summery movies to watch on Netflix UAE, allow this romcom to whisk you away to the idyllic landscape of Cyprus, the jewel of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Best documentaries to watch on Netflix UAE in July 2024

The Man with 1,000 Kids

Genre: True crime

Releasing on: July 3

Add this to your watchlist if…: You’ve always known that fact can be stranger than fiction. Case in point: the real-life story of a Dutch sperm donor who travels the world donating his seed to as many fertility clinics as possible. When the recipients finally unite through an online group, they will discover the sheer scale of his mass donation drive—making him a father to possibly 3,000 children around the world. 

Simone Biles Rising

Genre: Sports

Releasing on: July 17

Add this to your watchlist if…: You are looking to get into the spirit of the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics and would like to have Simone Biles, one of the most decorated gymnasts, as your guide. After withdrawing from several events in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, follow along as she confronts the demons of her past to soar stronger and higher than ever before. 

Skywalkers: A Love Story

Genre: Thriller

Releasing on: July 19

Add this to your watchlist if…: You’ve never quite known how to turn your love for scaling heights into a career. Now, daredevil Moscow couple, Angela Nikolau and Ivan Beerkus, have the answers. Grab onto the edge of your seat as the duo ascend the world’s second highest skyscraper in a bid to perform a gravity-defying stunt on the spire.

Best TV shows on Netflix UAE to watch in July 2024

Sugar Rush: The Baking Point

Genre: Reality

Releasing on: July 10

Add this to your watchlist if…: You’ve been looking for reasons to indulge your sweet tooth—this Mexican reality series has all the inspiration you need. In its second season, six couples of bakers battle it out to construct (incr)edible marvels that defy the laws of physics and gravity. 

Another Self


Releasing on: July 11

Add this to your watchlist if…: Your UAE Netflix showlist has been craving a good Turkish drama. The search for candidates will lead you to this escapist drama. Now returning for a second season, leave your cares behind and follow their journey of healing after a seaside sojourn in idyllic Ayvalik.

The Decameron

Genre: Period drama

Releasing on: July 25

Add this to your watchlist if…: You’d like to escape from the everyday grind and retreat into a luxurious villa in the Italian countryside. The only caveat? You will be heading there with noble aristocracy and their servants as they wait out the pandemic that has struck the city of Florence in 1348. 


Genre: Teen drama

Releasing on: July 26

Add this to your watchlist if…: You’ve been looking to catch up on the tangled lives of the students of Las Encinas. Now in its eighth season, the longest running fictional series from Spain offers an unflinching look at the societal and class clashes within the hallways of one of the coveted prep Spanish schools. 

Netflix UAE: Subscription models and pricing

Got your watchlist all lined up and ready for the month? Before you burrow deep into make-believe worlds, here’s a quick look at the question of the hour: how much is Netflix for 1 month in UAE? Depending on whether you are scheduling a solo marathon or penciling in a riotous watch party with your best buds, you’ll find a wide array of Netflix UAE plans to choose from. Here’s a handy refresher: 

Netflix basic plan: AED 29 per month 

The good news? You don’t have to break the bank to catch up on Netflix’s latest releases. With a base plan starting from AED 29 per month, you can unlock the entire streaming catalog for Netflix UAE for one screen at a time in standard definition (SD) quality. 

Netflix standard plan: AED 39 per month 

If your viewing requirements for the household cannot be boxed into one screen, fret not. The next level of Netflix charges in UAE clock in at AED 39 per month for two screens at the same time with options for high definition (HD) quality. 

Netflix premium plan: AED 56 per month 

More is indeed merrier, and you will have little trouble planning Netflix subscriptions in UAE for every need. The premium plan comes in at AED 56 per month with ultra high definition (UHD) and 4K content available for the entire fam to join in the fun.

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