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Netflix Wants to Turn Your Stories into Arabic Original Series

Netflix Arabic Orignal Series AlRawabi School for Girls

Netflix Arabic Original series, AlRawabi School for Girls, was co-written by Shirin Kamal and writer-director Tima Shomali. Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix has produced some of the best original content the entertainment has seen for many years and it is only looking to improve, most specifically with more Arabic content. The streaming giant is looking for new, compelling stories from the Arab world, as it pledges to represent the diverse creative voices from the region and add to its impressive roster of original shows.

Over the last couple of years, the entertainment service has begun to increase its Arab content, with the release of its first Arabic Original series’ Jinn, instant fan-favorite AlRawabi School for Girls, and most recently its first Egyptian Original series Paranormal. However, Netflix is now on the lookout for even more exciting stories and “big ideas” from the Arab world.

“We are here to tell stories by Arabs for Arabs, and then take them to the world,” said Ahmed Sharkawi, director of Arab and African Original series at Netflix. “We want to collaborate with creators from all around the Arab world. What we are looking for is big stories. Big ideas. And I don’t mean they need to be big productions. There are big ideas that are small productions, and others that are mega productions. So, it’s all about ideas. And we’re out there shopping,” he added.

The most recent Arabic hit Paranormal was released earlier this month, on November 5. It follows the story of haematologist Dr. Refaat Ismail, played by Ahmed Amin who is forced to re-evaluate his lifelong scientific convictions once he begins to experience paranormal activities. The fantasy-horror series, set in 1969, is based on the bestselling series Ma Waraa Al Tabiaa by acclaimed author Ahmed Khaled Tawfik. The series premiered to positive reviews and Sharkawi has shared his hopes that the series will inspire regional filmmakers and creatives to dream big with their ideas.

Paranormal is particularly special because it’s based on the famous book series [Ma Waraa Al Tabiaa],” said Sharkawi. “It is one of the top-selling novel series in the region with many, many fans. We hope that genre fans identify with it and see something different in the show.”

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