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What to Watch on Netflix this Month According to Your Star Sign

Artwork by Rohan Hande

This month, we tell you which shows on Netflix go best with your star sign. Whether you are a celluloid adventurer and seeker of crime-thrillers or simply like to tuck in bed with a mushy Friday night rom-com. Read on for some astrology-inspired suggestions to watch on Netflix right now:


TV show to watch: House of Cards

Aries are fire signs and are known to be strong and confident leaders. They are also great at being in control making House of Cards the perfect show to watch. Following the lives of Francis and Claire Underwood as they rise in the political world is a journey Aries will find satisfying to watch.


TV show to watch: Trinkets

Taureans are known to be up for a good challenge. And since a true Taurus will give almost anything a chance, Netflix’s Trinkets totally fits the bill. Based on friendship and the perseverance of it, Trinkets is the perfect show for the Taurus that’s especially missing their social circle in these times.


TV show to watch: Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

For the lonesome, nostalgia starved Geminis stuck at home, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is the perfect show of comfort to binge-watch. Set in the small town of Stars Hollow, the show follows mother-daughter duo, Lorelei and Rory Gilmore, who are also best friends. Full of quotes from favorite books and the undying charm of a tiny town, this Netflix original is pretty perfect for Geminis.


TV show to watch: Gentefied

Gentefied is a show about a Mexican-American family that is fighting to keep their family-owned taco shop open in the face of a rapidly changing and gentrifying neighborhood in Los Angeles. It’s endearing and thoughtful – perfect for the sensitive Cancers – who will immediately get hooked. Family, food, and relationships: the best ingredients for a Cancerian investment.


TV Show to watch: The Circle

Leo’s live for drama. Most often than not, they are the drama. This, paired with their obsession with the spotlight, makes The Circle an epitome of that perfect reality show for you. Bring out your popcorn because you’re in for some serious binge-watching.


TV show to watch: The Politician

Virgos are snobs when it comes to benchmarks in art and culture, and this show is incredibly rich in plot, writing, and cinematography. A true Virgo will take great pleasure in deciphering the various storylines and plot strategies while enjoying the sardonic humor.


TV show to watch: Love is Blind

Like a true air sign, Libras tend to be completely fascinated with the human mind and the psychology of love. Love is Blind is the perfect fit as it navigates singles try to find a match and fall in love — an experiment that tries to prove that emotional connection eventually trumps the physical.


TV show to watch: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

If you love magic, fantasy, love, and adventure as much as Scorpios are meant to – this show is for you. With aesthetically pleasing visuals and an intriguing storyline,  you do not want to miss this.


TV show to watch: Dynasty

Dynasty is the perfect show for Saggitarians who have been waiting for a long time to watch a show that stems from rebellion. The lead character, Fallon is feisty and independent, just like Sagittarian women are known for in the Zodiac.


TV show to watch: Cheer

A lesser acknowledged quality of Capricorns everywhere is their competitive nature, which often works in the background of their daily lives. Committed and dedicated, they often put a lot more in than they get out of their investments. Cheer is a very good show for a Capricorn whose work energy yearns for some occasional validation.


TV show to watch: 100 Humans

For Aquarians, their social life tends to be a very large focus group. They are brilliant intellectuals with an eclectic group of friends. Life is an experiment and one is always trying to form your hypothesis. That being said, the documentary series 100 Humans is just the right fit.


TV show to watch: Unstoppable

Unstoppable is a Spanish dramedy that is all about road trips and escapism – generally things Pisces are very good at. For the more conservative Pisces, there is also poetry and recitations by the fire on a beach at night. All in all, the perfect show for you to watch this month.

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