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You Don’t Want to Miss Netflix’s Latest Arabic Original Starring Amel Bouchoucha

Still from Dollar. Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix is all set to release it’s newest Arabic original, Dollar starring Lebanese actor Adel Karam and Algerian-Lebanese actress Amel Bouchoucha on August 8.

The 15-episode drama series is set in modern-day Lebanon where Tarek, played by Karam, is given a task to come up with a million-dollar idea for the launch of a new bank. An idea strikes him, but he would only reveal it to the CEO – making Zeina, the CEO played by Bouchoucha, suspicious. Keeping viewers on the edge of their seats, Dollar follows the journey of Zeina putting the pieces of this mystery together.

Speaking to Vogue Arabia previously about the show Bouchoucha said, “Everything about it is different. The way of telling the story, the circumstance, and the dramatic condition. This series has nothing to do with classical drama. Even the shooting sites were moving and covered various Lebanese areas. it was exhausting filming this thriller series, each episode of which is rich in many events that follow a rapid rhythm that reflects the speed that controls our days.”

After his exceptional performance in The Insult – which was nominated for an Oscar in 2018 – Karam moves from comedy to more dramatic roles. He is joined by Bouchoucha, known for her performance in Abo Omar El-Masry and El Araab.

The Middle Eastern team behind the series includes Egyptian writer Hisham Hilal, Syrian director Samer Berkawi – the famous director of Al Hayba as well as Half Day – and Cedar Arts Production – Sabbah Brothers, an internationally awarded company for Arabic movies as well as Lebanese, Egyptian, Saudi, Maghreb, and Pan-Arab TV series.

The Netflix original aims to grab the attention of youth in the Middle East. Dollar will be joining other Arabic-language productions such as latest thriller series Paranormal and Jinn.

In a press conference, Samer Berkawi spoke about his second collaboration with Netflix. “I’m truly excited to be working with Netflix on our new series Dollar and am confident that the show will appeal to Netflix’s audiences worldwide,” said Berkawi. “This project is an exciting one, bringing together themes of suspense and drama that showcase Amal Bouchoucha’s onscreen talents, as well as Adel Karam’s versatility beyond the comedy that he is known and loved for.”

Dollar will be available to stream on Netflix from August 8, and accessible to 148 million members spread across 190 countries with subtitles in 20 languages.

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