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Natuzzi Italia Hosts Re-Thinking Re-Vive Event in Collaboration with Dubai Cares

Natuzzi Italia hosted its first edition of the “Re-Thinking Re-Vive,” initiative in collaboration with Dubai Cares. Vogue Arabia shares everything to know about the event.

Photo: Courtesy Natuzzi Italia

Natuzzi Italia, the renowned Italian luxury furniture company, hosted its “Re-Thinking Re-Vive” event in collaboration with Dubai Cares at its flagship store on Sheikh Zayed Road, on February 8. The renowned event has previously been hosted in several metropolises, including London, New York, and Shanghai, and its Dubai edition was a spectacular celebration of art and design.

Attendees included esteemed guests like Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, chief creative officer of Natuzzi Italia, and Amal Al Redha, director of partnerships at Dubai Cares, all of whom came together for an eventful evening that focused on philanthropy at its core, showcasing reinterpretations of the iconic re-vive armchair by Emirati artists Maisoon Al Saleh and Khalid Albanna.

As the brand celebrates another successful rendition of the event, Pasquale Junior Natuzzi sits down with Vogue Arabia for a special conversation to reveal more about the partnership.

How did the collaboration between Natuzzi Italia and Dubai Cares first come to fruition?

The collaboration with Dubai Cares represents, for me and my family, a small gesture of gratitude towards a city and a nation that welcomed us many years ago. My father began building significant business relationships in this area in the 1980s, and we have always felt a deep warmth and respect from the locals. The re-thinking re-vive project, which merges design, art, and philanthropy, provided the perfect opportunity to establish this wonderful collaboration with Dubai Cares, and I hope it can endure over time.

How did you select the two artists for the collaboration this time around?

Art is one of my greatest passions; I love describing myself as a contemporary nomad always in search of new creative talents. Choosing Maisoon Al Saleh and Khalid Albanna for this collaboration was a journey into their exceptional artistic talents and their profound connection to their Emirati heritage. Their ability to infuse their unique artistic visions with the essence of Emirati culture was evident. It wasn’t just about talent; it was about finding artists who could pour their hearts into the reinterpretation of the Re-vive armchair.

Natuzzi Italia

Photo: Courtesy Natuzzi Italia

How well do you think Maisoon Al Saleh and Khalid Albanna implemented their Emirati heritage into their renditions of the Re-vive armchair? What did you like best about each of their designs?

Maisoon Al Saleh and Khalid Albanna exceeded expectations in weaving their Emirati heritage into the fabric of the re-vive armchair. Their reinterpretations showcased pure Emirati design that left me truly impressed. Each artist brought a distinctive touch, and what I liked best was witnessing the fusion of tradition and contemporary artistry seamlessly embedded in their creations.

Natuzzi Italia

Photo: Courtesy Natuzzi Italia

The Re-vive armchair has become an iconic Natuzzi Italia piece. Can you tell us a little bit about what makes it so special?

The Re-vive armchair is a piece of craftsmanship and engineering that is truly one of a kind. It is a project much closer to the world of automotive than to that of traditional design; it took two years of research and development to design a chair that contains over 200 individual components (typically, a chair has about ten). All this effort has led to the creation of the world’s first and only performance recliner, a chair that adapts and follows the body’s movements. Re-vive is the embodiment of Natuzzi’s DNA because it is the perfect synthesis of design and function.

Why did you think of contributing the Re-vive chair in particular for your Re-imagining initiative? Why not any other Natuzzi Italia creation?

When I created Re-thinking Re-vive, I was seeking an idea that could bring together my greatest passions, namely art and design. At the same time, I wanted to find a way to spread the culture of creative contamination worldwide. Thus, a revolutionary idea was born that had to be supported by a revolutionary product, and the inevitable choice fell on the Re-vive armchair. Today, I find it extraordinary to be able to talk about this idea right here in Dubai because this concept has evolved over time and has reached an incredible level of quality and excellence here.

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