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Will Nancy Ajram’s Latest Instagram Post Help Break the Stigma Around Breastfeeding?

For something as natural as a child being fed, breastfeeding is a raging topic for debate. Mothers all over the world can agree that breastfeeding their child is a beautiful and important part of motherhood, and while most women shy away from publicly speaking about it, celebrity moms often take to social media to document it.

Nancy Ajram, who recently gave birth to her baby Lya, shared a photo of her breastfeeding her daughter. Ajram’s caption, “Breastfeeding has always been one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. For me it’s the most powerful way to bond with LYA and make her feel safe, loved and cared for. There is nothing more natural and right than what Mother Nature decided for us to do”, comes as a step in breaking down the stigma around breastfeeding.

Ajram isn’t the first star to do it. Celebrity mothers everywhere have previously used their influence in normalizing breastfeeding by simply talking about it.  Adorned in Versace and breast-pumps, Rachel McAdams recently took the internet by storm with her photoshoot for the cover of Girls, Girls, Girls Magazine. A strong advocate for the cause, Angelina Jolie too was featured breastfeeding on the cover of W magazine in 2008. Also intermingled with Chrissy Teigen‘s clap-backs, are equally witty posts about her nursing her children.

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