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Nancy Ajram’s Marriage Will Make You Believe In Love At First Sight

For one of the most adored couples in Arab showbiz, it all started with a visit to a clinic. “I had a dentist’s appointment with him in 2005, and I just said to him, ‘You are so handsome, did you do something to your teeth?’” says Nancy Ajram about meeting her husband, Fadi el Hachem. There has been no looking back since. Though he didn’t acknowledge it at the time, Ajram claims her comment stuck with him. Who knew you could find true love at the dentist’s?

That chance meeting ignited a three-year relationship hidden away from the public eye, except when the couple was photographed together in Tunisia. Ajram and el Hachem would go on to tie the knot in an intimate civil marriage ceremony in 2008 in Cyprus.

Despite working in a completely different industry, el Hachem’s unwavering support for his wife’s career is the epitome of #relationshipgoals. “He is very calm and is always supportive of me,” she shared at the Moroccan Mawazine festival. “He has great words of encouragement. He also has an artistic eye of his own – he is a dentist, after all.” She’s also publicly talked about how spouses should respect each other’s lifestyles and that marriage lets you discover things about yourself you otherwise wouldn’t have known.

The Lebanese singer, who recently gave birth to her third daughter, revealed in our January issue that being with family is what makes her the happiest. “l love the warmth a family provides, and celebrating festivities together. That’s why my house is always open to my family and friends.”

Ajram doesn’t shy away from expressing her love for her husband and often takes to social media to share pictures on their anniversaries. On their sixth anniversary, she posted a short video of the song “Men El Yawm” (“From Now”) dedicated to el Hachem. And for their eight, she posted an update on Facebook with a picture of her husband kissing her cheek and the caption, “It does not matter where we are at or what we have, being with each other is a wonderful journey we both started, walking hand in hand, now and ever after, you are the right wings to my dream. Happy anniversary hayete.”

The superstar and her husband had their first child, Mila, in 2009 and two years later, she gave birth to their second daughter, Ella. They recently welcomed their third baby girl, called Lya. Revealing the name of her newborn on Instagram, Ajram said, “Another gift from God and a new ray of light has entered our home! My beautiful LYA I can’t wait for us to walk together your journey and promise to be there for you at all time. You were anticipated, loved, cherished and wanted. Now that I’m holding you in my arms those feelings have multiplied tenfold. Words cannot describe how much we love our precious LYA.”

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