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The 8 Best On-Screen Roles Played By Nadine Nassib Njeim

Nadine Nassib Njeim in Salon Zahra

Nadine Nassib Njeim is a Lebanese icon who has captured the hearts of the Middle Eastern audience through her many distinguished roles over the years.

The star rose to the throne of silver screen royalty through a talent that’s been developed over many years and projects, and today, Njeim is a star that can take on any role whatsoever with confidence. “A professional actor plays different characters, and their professionalism appears when they succeed in playing the worst characters in a way that doesn’t offend the modesty of the Arab viewers, respects them, and doesn’t cross the red lines imposed by Arab drama,” she once explained in an exclusive interview with Vogue Arabia. That being said, Njeim knows that accepting certain roles may expose her to criticism every once in a while. “I have strengthened myself and no longer care about these criticisms, especially from people who don’t wish success for others. But I wait for constructive and logical criticism, and accept it as advice that makes me better.”

This may be the real reason behind her ever-growing success, which makes the star’s fans—a large set that supports, praises and encourages her everyday—eagerly await each of her projects. Below, we look at some of Nadine Nassib Njeim’s most prominent TV roles so far.

Salon Zahra

In Salon Zahra (Zahra’s Salon), Njeim plays Zahra, the owner of a women’s salon. The light comedy series tells the story of four girls who work in a women’s beauty salon and witness events that will change their lives.


In 2020, the star plays Sama, a major in the Internal Security Forces who finds herself engaged in a serious conflict between her profession, goals, and sympathy with this popular area after the murder of her brother, officer Gibran.

Khamsa W Nos

The Khamsa W Nos (Half Past Five) series tells the unfamiliar love story between Ghammar Al-Ghanem, played by Kosai Khauli, and Dr. Bayan Najm Al-Din, played by Nadine Nassib Njeim. In the series, the star plays the role of a woman trying to tame her lover, who hungers for power and money, and faces issued with hatred and power struggles.

Tareek (A Path)

Based on Naguib Mahfouz’s Al-Sharida (The Homeless) saw Njeim playing the role of a lawyer named Amira Bo Misleh, with Abed Fahd playing Gaber Al-Sultan role, a simple ignorant man who is humble and spontaneous and doesn’t care about following etiquette or the habits of educated people.


Samra is another series in which Njeim plays the role of an attractive girl from the clan of the gypsies. In this show, the actor was able to translate the poverty, disadvantages, and despair she suffers into a dance while wandering the streets of the city and villages. Njeim co-stars with Ahmed Fahmy, a doctor in the WWD organization that aims to treat homeless refugee children. In the midst of all the problems around them, the doctor falls in love with the gypsy.


Adapted from Indecent Proposal, Cello is about a famous cello player named Yasmin who struggles with the feelings she has towards two different men—her husband Adam, the cello player, and Taimoor, the businessman who helps them build their lifetime project.

Nos Youm

Nos Youm (Half a Day) begins with the death of a father who owns a wide farm of olives, forcing his expatriate son to return home to finalize all he business and family commitments. While he plans to travel abroad again, his plans are cut short when he falls in love with a beautiful girl named Yara, played by Njeim. Events escalate when the young man discovers that his lover is a fraud.


Law (What If), adapted from Unfaithful, is about Laila (Njeim), a woman married to Ghaith, a man who is far too busy for her. Feeling emotionally hollow as a result of his neglect, Laila falls for Gad, a fine artist. Despite her decision to leave her lover, Laila is tormented by moments of remorse and self-doubt. Meanwhile, Ghaith unexpectedly goes out of his way to win her back.

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