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Nadine Nassib Njeim has Confirmed her Divorce with her Husband Hadi al-Asmar

Nadine Nassib Njeim. Photo: Instagram/@nadine.nassib.njeim

Lebanese actress Nadine Nassib Njeim has confirmed her divorce with her husband Hadi al-Asmar. Tweeting to her fans yesterday she wrote, “The decision has not been easy for us and the separation is difficult whatever may be the reasons, the gregariousness, the respect, and the dearness will always be there, and most importantly the sweet fruit are our children … no words can express my feelings at this moment, but that’s what happened. May God protect us, Hadi and me and we may still be friends united forever. We appreciate all your messages and love for us.”

According to sources confirmed by Nassib Njeim through her Twitter account, the couple had agreed about a year ago to break up but for the sake of their children, Heaven and Giovanni, continued to live together in the same house until the completion of the divorce procedure.

They have now announced their decision to their children and endeavor to continue their relationship as friends in the interest of Heaven and Giovanni. Only two days ago, Nassib Njeim and al-Aslam were seen celebrating their son’s birthday together.

Speculations were being made on the state of their marriage ever since al-Asmar’s absence was noted by fans on several events Nassib Njeim was a part of. Earlier this month the Miss Lebanon 2004 attended the wedding of her close friend Natalie Nasrallah as her bridesmaid and with al-Asmar not to be seen, many said that Nassib Njeim’s relationship with her husband was not doing well.

Their relationship first came under the spotlight in 2012 when Nassib Njeim made a public appearance with al-Asmar and later confirmed that at the time he was her fiancé. The two got married a month later, in June 2012.

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