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This Saudi Tea Brand is Reviving the Heritage of the People of Madinah

Lamees Madani. Photo: Supplied

The woman behind Saudi Arabia’s most edifying elixirs, Lamees Madani, tells the story of the Kingdom’s capital through every tea bag she makes. The founder of Naanie Tea, Madani has perfected the craft of making an exemplary cup of tea through her unique blends. “Naanie is a word that tells the stories of older generations, from beautiful palm groves to the aromatic herbs that make the most fragrant and refreshing cup of tea,” she shares. “I grew up surrounded by the tradition of a teacup mixed with aromatic mint leaves from the beautiful land of Madinah. Throughout the years, I’ve always found myself longing to find a traditional tea with a distinctive taste and the unique aroma of fragrant mint.” She started collecting different types of mint and green herbs from the land of Madinah, creating tea bags that revive the heritage of the people and eventually launching her brand in 2019. “Naanie uses herbs that only grow in Madinah. They have different aromas and names, and they’re all from the naanaa (“mint” in Arabic) family,” she says. “Each herb is unique, with its own flavor and name. We use six herbs from three organic farms, then we dry and blend them in a single teabag. It goes through a very delicate, lengthy, and handmade process.”

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Naanie Tea also offers wellness benefits, Madani believes. “People are getting healthier. They’re leading a more health- conscious lifestyle and trying to cut down on caffeine and sugar, and that is what some products of Naanie are providing,” she asserts. The benefits of the herbal blend include relaxing and soothing the body, aiding in the digestion process, and helping fight nausea. It is rich in antioxidants and offers an overall stress-relieving effect. Where once Naanie was only on offer in six shops in Jeddah, the tea is currently also available in Riyadh, Jubail, Madinah, Tabuk, and Qateef. “My dream is to share my Madinah heritage with the rest of the world, to gather around Madina tea, and enjoy the aromas of Al-Madinah Al-Monawarah’s flourishing land.”

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Originally published in the June 2021 issue of Vogue Arabia

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