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Mthayel Al-Ali on Showing the World Arabian Style With Vogue

Following a photo shoot with Vogue Arabia for the September issue, which spotlights conservative style that reinterprets the global trends with an Arabian twist, Mthayel Al-Ali talks to about the impact of the brand on the global fashion scene. The launch of Vogue in the Middle East “opens up the fashion industry in the Arab world,” Al-Ali reflects. The hotly anticipated issue (the largest editorial offering from the Dubai-based publication) is available across the region on August 30. Reflecting on her shoot alongside regional It-girls like Safiya Bezzan, Leena Al Ghouti, and Saufeeya Goodson, Mthayel adds, “The shoot will give the world a glimpse at what it’s like to be conservative and fashionable.” Watch the video for a peek of the exclusive shoot and to hear Al-Ali’s musings on our first September issue.

The September issue of Vogue Arabia is out on August 30. Subscribe here to get your copy first and never miss another issue.

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