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Mother-Daughter Duos Share a Sentimental and Sustainable Tribute to Their Style

Donning pieces that span both generations, these mother-daughter duos share a sentimental and sustainable tribute to their style

Aisha Suresh Miranda and Jannat Miranda

Aisha Suresh Miranda, Jannat Miranda, Mother's Day

Aisha Suresh Miranda and Jannat Miranda photographed by Norbert Kniat for Vogue Arabia

In a showstopping red jumpsuit that embodies the elegance her mother, Aisha Miranda, is renowned for, Jannat Miranda feels like a mini version of the “superwoman” she hopes she can be someday. “The way my mother juggles everything and still manages to look like a bombshell is something that I have always been motivated to do for myself,” Jannat says. “Whether she’s going to the supermarket or to a party, she’s always the most presentable in the room.” This echoes the lesson Aisha taught her daughter at a young age: “Regardless of what happens, dress up, show up, and never give up.”

Luckily for Jannat, her mother is not only her personal stylist but also the same size as her. “I wouldn’t say we share closets, but when it comes to events and weddings, I love sneaking into my mom’s wardrobe. She can pull off almost anything,” Jannat says. Since Aisha treats every item she owns with care, Jannat hopes to continue the tradition of passing on her favorite pieces. “I’ve always thought that wearing something from your mom or dad’s wardrobe has so much more meaning than buying something expensive with a label. To me, fashion has always been more about self-expression,” she shares. Although Aisha calls herself a shopaholic, her sprees are the way she invests in her future. “Almost my full wardrobe is passed on to my daughter, who then passes it on to her cousins,” she says. “It brings back such beautiful memories to see my daughter and then my little nieces wear what I had bought more than two decades ago.” Her own multi-ethnic collections are also stocked with cherished heirlooms, including her grandmother’s wedding ring and an exquisite Indian sari. The only item off-limits to her daughter? Aisha’s collection of Hermès bags – “which is out of reach unless I approve.”

Diana Hamade and Nada Alghurair

Diana Hamade, Nada Alghurair, Mother's Day

Diana Hamade and Nada Alghurair photographed by Norbert Kniat for Vogue Arabia March 2020

“My Nada is a gem, beautiful and precious.” The love UAE-based lawyer Diana Hamade has for her daughter, Nada Alghurair, is apparent in the way she describes her. Wearing an abaya created by Alghurair, Hamade beams with pride. She looks forward to the lasting legacy this piece imagined by her child will have in their family. “I am a believer in passing items around and down through the family,” she explains. “We were four daughters at my parents’ home and had 12 aunts and almost 10 girl cousins of the same generation, so you can imagine just how many pieces were shared.”

Alghurair wears a dress crafted for her mother by an Italian artisan when she was only one year old, and not for the first time, either – the aspiring lawyer regularly borrows the piece as it unites them and makes her feel safe, she shares. “I loved the dress and wore it to a wedding when I was 16. I was thrilled,” she says. Being different sizes doesn’t stop them from venturing into each other’s closets. “We have similar taste,” says Alghurair. “I took much of my style from my mother.”

Rita Kahawaty and Jessica Kahawaty

Rita Kahawaty, Jessica Kahawaty, Mother's Day

Rita Kahawaty and Jessica Kahawaty photographed by Norbert Kniat for Vogue Arabia March 2020

At first glance, it’s easy to confuse Rita and Jessica Kahawaty as sisters instead of mother and daughter. The way in which they share almost all of their clothing is demonstrative of their sibling-like bond. “I steal more items from my mother’s closet than she does from mine,” Jessica shares. “I’m more classic with my taste, but I always find something cool to wear from her wardrobe.” Although the Lebanese-Australian model may have different sartorial preferences, she can’t deny the timelessness of her mother’s collection.

“It’s extremely versatile and looks like it could have been made in the 90s or 2020.” Case in point: Rita gave her daughter a Moschino jacket that she immediately knew she would leave for her daughter because it is a piece made of print and colors that transcends time.

Glimpses of Rita’s bold influence also appear in a few of her daughter’s statement pieces, such as the Saint Laurent animal-print vest Rita borrowed for the shoot. Jessica believes in rewearing clothes not only because it reminds her of the biggest lesson she learned from her mother – to “give without expectation” – but also because of the positive environmental impact a culture of recycling encourages. She is also on a mission to enact change on a personal and societal level. “The fashion industry consumes a large number of resources and in this age of increased awareness regarding sustainability, we must do our part to alleviate the burden on the environment as well as decrease wastefulness,” she says.

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Originally published in the March 2020 issue of Vogue Arabia

Photography Norbert Kniat
Style Mohammad Hazem Rezq
Hair Dani Hiswani, Mike Soufani
Makeup Anastasiya Yakshina
Hair Assistant Esa Hamosh
Makeup Assistants Moona Sultan, Soumia Lichani
Production Ankita Chandra


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