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4 Homegrown Brands Actively Supporting Morocco’s Earthquake Relief Efforts


An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 hit Morocco this past Friday night, marking it the most intense quake the country has seen in 120 years. With a death toll count of 2,000 and counting, aftershocks still occurring and countless victims still buried under rubble, it is adamantly clear that the people of Morocco need our help right now more than ever. Below are some Moroccan-based fashion brands that are actively supporting the earthquake relief efforts in the country.


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Casablanca shared a post to its Instagram detailing how it will be providing monetary support to two local NGOs that are actively working on the ground with earthquake relief – Rif Tribes Foundation and Moroccan Biodiversity & Livelihoods Association. The brand describes itself as a ‘perfect blend between lux and leisurewear’ and draws heavy inspiration from the colors of the natural terracotta found in North Africa.


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Zyne took to its Instagram story to share their message of support. It made mention of the NGO that it will be providing monetary support to – Amis Des Ecoles. The sustainable shoewear brand has Moroccan craftsmanship and playful elegance etched into each shoe, with the colors and textures reminiscent of the Moroccan landscape and sceneries.

Maison Sara Chraibi 

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Sara Chraibi shared donation links to its Instagram story, as well as posts providing detailed news on the updates of the situation. The fashion house’s main focus is to celebrate the Moroccan women now, the Moroccan women that have come before us, and Moroccan craftsmanship. With such a focus on community, it’s no wonder the brand is wonderfully using its platform to bring awareness to the appropriate organizations to donate to.


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Maysson, the luxury label founded by Dr. Maysson Al Otaiba, is actively sharing donation links to its Instagram story to earthquake relief monetary support organizations. Al Otaiba, the Emirati-Moroccan entrepreneur has consistently talked about how her homeland has inspired everything from her brand conception to her products. The beauty brand specializes in skincare and fragrances and is heavily inspired by and curated after Moroccan ingredients and age-old Moroccan beauty and self-care rituals.

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