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Mohamed Hadid on Parenting His Children Including Bella and Gigi: “They’re All Self-Made”


Mohamed Hadid, the doting father of Bella, Gigi, Anwar, Marielle, and Alana Hadid recently appeared on #ABtalks, where he opened up about parenting his children. Speaking to Emirati host Anas Bukhash, the Palestinian-born real estate developer shared the lessons with which he brought his kids up while teaching them to be self-sufficient.

Mohamed Hadid with his children,

Mohamed Hadid with his children, Marielle, Anwar, Bella, Gigi and Alana. Photo:

“I don’t really give lectures to my kids. I don’t sit down and say how you should live your life. I let them live their life and create their own,” he said. “Don’t depend on others, not even me. Go out and make a life for yourself as if I don’t exist and you’re not looking for a man to take care of you. I think that is kind of (what) I see in my kids.” Acknowledging how far his children have come, he said, “They’re all self-made on their own without my help. The only thing that I helped them with is that I am there to love them and if they need any advice, they can call me, but be your own person. They are—all five of them.” He added, “I if I pass away tomorrow, I know I left I left them in good hands, their own hands.”


Hadid went on to share that despite having built a big house, his children did want to live with him as they thought it was “overdone”, and didn’t want to show that they came from a “privileged” background. “They wanted to make it on their own, and they did. I never called someone in New York, to IMG, and said take my kids,” he said.  “They went to school. Gigi wanted to be a criminal psychologist, and the other one wanted to be in design and they went to school. They turned into the most powerful models in the world.” The father-of-five added that he wanted his children to be “model citizens” too. “My children are eloquent, they understand individual person’s value, and they treat the head of Vogue and the person who puts makeup on their face the same,” he shared. “They have this sense of every single person around them has done their job to make their job better.”


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The former Vogue Man Arabia cover star was also asked for one word to describe each of his children, after which he picked “heart of gold” for Marielle, “colorful” for Alana, and said that Gigi is a “genius” while Bella is a “princess” and Anwar is a “king”.

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