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Mohamed Hadid Spoke About His Vogue Man Arabia Cover Line at Harvard


On Sunday, the Hadid family attended the Arab Conference at Harvard 2019, the largest Arab conference in North America. At the event held in Cambridge, Massachusettes, a surprise appearance was made by models Gigi, Anwar, and Bella as proud children supporting their father Mohamed Hadid. The real-estate mogul, who is Vogue Man Arabia’s cover star for the Spring/Summer 2019 issue, was the keynote speaker on identity at the conference and was later presented with an award.

Interviewed by journalist Jessica Azar, Hadid spoke about growing up in Syrian refugee camps, his family’s Palestinian roots and how important it is for him to keep their Palestinian identity alive. On a light-hearted note during the event, Hadid’s Vogue Man Arabia cover came up, specifically, the line on the cover that reads “Meet the man with the best genes on the planet.” To that, Hadid was all smiles as he thanked his “amazing, beautiful wives”, Yolanda Foster and Mary Butler, and gave them the credit for passing their genes on to the children. He later asked all five of his children – Gigi, Anwar, Bella, Marielle and Alana to join him on stage as he received the award.

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