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Did You Miss this Adorable Moment Between Mo Salah and His Daughter?

Liverpool fans were crushed after Manchester City beat them to the Premier League title by just one point on Sunday evening, but were cheered up by an unexpected father-daughter moment on the field.

Photo: Getty

Salah’s daughter, Makka, delighted fans when she collected a ball and began dribbling it towards the goal amid chuckles from commentators. Proud father Mohamed Salah punched the air in celebration when she found the back of the net. After her goal, she dribbled the ball all the way back to the halfway line of the field, where she was greeted by her mother.

Salah received the Golden Boot for being the top scorer of the season, sharing the award with fellow teammate Sadio Mane. He remained on the pitch with his family after the climactic final match of the season which saw Liverpool go top of the table for a fleeting 21 minutes after their first goal against the Wolverhampton Wolves.

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