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Mindy Kaling Takes Us Inside Her Diwali 2021 Bash With Priyanka Chopra and Lilly Singh

Priyanka Chopra Lilly Singh Mindy Kaling

Lilly Singh, Priyanka Chopra and Mindy Kaling. Photo: Mindy Kaling

Diwali is a joyous occasion. The five-day festival of lights is celebrated by more than a billion people of multiple faiths, including Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains. Honoring the triumph of good over evil, it’s a period of happiness and renewal, so what better time to surround yourself with inspiring people?

Fittingly, the multi-talented star Mindy Kaling marked the occasion with an evening celebrating South Asian women. As host of the Phenomenal x Live Tinted Diwali Dinner, Kaling spotlighted the community’s contributions to entertainment, arts, and business. Innovators like author Meena Harris, beauty entrepreneur Deepica Mutyala, content creator Liza Koshy, and film star Priyanka Chopra were all on hand to share personal stories, celebrate each other’s achievements, and enjoy a little revelry.

As a writer, director, producer, performer, Kaling has an impressive resume all her own, but experiencing the holiday’s second night in a room filled with her industry peers of South Asian descent was moving. So much so that post-event, she took to Instagram to praise the women who filled her evening with joy. “This couldn’t have happened when I first moved to Los Angeles over a decade ago, but now we’re here,” she wrote. “Next year [this] will be even bigger.”

Here, Kaling takes Vogue along for her night, from getting ready in her custom lehenga to enjoying a little-known holiday tradition.

“Our dining table is covered in orange carnation flowers.” Photo: Mindy Kaling

“There are so many more people who should be in this picture! But here are some of the amazing South Asian women who came to our Diwali event.” Photo: Mindy Kaling

“I’m barely a millennial, but I love a neon sign. So do my friends and co-hosts, Deepica Mutyala and Meena Harris.” Photo: Mindy Kaling

“I’m wearing Falguni Shane Peacock, one of my favorite designers in the world, and I must say, I could not have chosen a better photo backdrop for my deep purple lehenga.” Photo: Mindy Kaling

“Priyanka and Lilly reuniting.” Photo: Mindy Kaling

“My two friends and cast from Never Have I Ever, Poorna Jagannathan and Richa Shukla, and me. It’s so fun to celebrate with them without masks since we rarely get to when we’re on set!” Photo: Mindy Kaling

“I followed Meena’s remarks with something impromptu that I don’t remember exactly (those tequila shots from earlier!), but the love for my friends was real.” Photo: Mindy Kaling

“A highlight of our Diwali party was an impromptu, standing-on-her-chair toast from the incredible Liza Koshy..” Photo: Mindy Kaling

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