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This is What Your Favorite Middle Eastern Celebrities Would Look Like in Their Old Age

A new viral social media challenge has made its way to this side of the world, catching the attention of Arab celebrities over the weekend. By uploading a photo of your face to a mobile application called FaceApp, users can see what they would like in their old age. Wrinkled faces of their old selves have not stopped these actors and singers in the prime of life from sharing these photos with their fans.

Emirati-Yemeni singer Balqees Fathi was quick to hop on the challenge and share her photo with her nine million Instagram followers. Captioning the image she wrote, “My potential photo when I’m 70 or 80 if God blesses us Inshallah. I see a wise and beautiful woman and on the timeline on her face, lessons, and knowledge that she passed to her grandchildren. By the way, the image 100% looks like my grandmother from my father’s side, ‘Alzahraa’. I look a lot like her when she was younger.”

Lebanese actress Nadine Nassib Njeim commented on the picture, expressing that she too wanted to see how she would look in the future. Later, Njeim surprised her over nine million Instagram followers with her post-FaceApp photo. “Me in my 80s,” she captioned it. “The most important thing is to live in health and happiness and do no harm to others.” She also asked her followers, “What do you think? I feel like I look like a Mexican star from ‘Tú o nadie'”.

Here are a few more celebrities who took part in the FaceApp challenge:

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