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Mercedes’s New EQE SUV Blends Futuristic Technology and Traditional Luxury Features With Zero Emissions

Photo: Courtesy Mercedes

From artificial intelligence to eco-conscious driving, Mercedes is all about the future, and the new EQE SUV is a testament to that commitment. This multi-purpose SUV variant of the EQE executive saloon also presents everything that is traditionally expected from Mercedes – a luxurious drive, sophisticated craftsmanship, and the latest technology.

Photo: Courtesy Mercedes

Dynamic proportions that combine function and aesthetic allow flowing surfaces and smooth transitions to dominate the tastefully designed exterior. Colors such as High-Tech Silver, Sodalite Blue, or Alpine Grey perfectly complement the minimalist and spacious interior of the car. A highlight of the interior is the MBUX system, a reflection of the high-tech nature of the EQE SUV. Supported by artificial intelligence, the proactive display continually optimizes itself to personalize user experience. Other features such as a powerful voice assistant, driving and parking assistance, and navigation with electrical intelligence ensure that anyone with the EQE SUV is driving into the future.

Photo: Courtesy Mercedes

It is impossible to strive for the future without keeping sustainability at the forefront, which is why in recent years Mercedes has been steadily expanding its electric vehicle range with a commitment that by 2025 all new vehicle architectures will be exclusively electric. The EQE SUV is a part of this mission and as such not only produces zero emissions but also has a minimal carbon footprint with the help of an eco-friendly production process. This involves steps such as local production of batteries, decarbonization of the supplier network, responsibly mined raw materials, and resource conserving materials such as recyclable aluminum and steel. The company is also transitioning to renewable energy sources in its production facilities, reducing the car’s environmental impact even further.

Originally published in the May 2023 issue of Vogue Arabia

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