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Mattel’s New Doll Collection Thanks the Everyday Heroes of Covid-19

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Mattel launches new toys in honor of the Covid-19 frontline workers and donates a portion of the proceeds to these everyday heroes and their families. Photo: Instagram/@mattel

Although many of us around the world are safely quarantined within the walls of our homes during this Covid-19 outbreak, an inspiring few are on the frontlines of this unprecedented public health battle, fighting to ensure the wellbeing of the communities in which they work. Whether it’s publicly praising their efforts in virtual meetings, hosting creative charity initiatives, or donating essential items and proceeds to relief funds, governments, companies, and individuals from all sectors are banding together to pay tribute to these unsuspecting heroes in the best ways they know how.

Mattel, the American toy manufacturer behind Barbie, joined these commemoration efforts last week with the unveiling of a special edition collection of figurines designed to honor and give back to the everyday heroes safeguarding our safety and keeping our everyday lives running smoothly at the potential risk of their own lives. From doctors, emergency medical technicians, and nurses to delivery drivers and grocery store workers, these 16 dolls aim to highlight these real-life heroes and the tireless work they’ve done over the past few months to give future generations a new set of role models that may not necessarily wear capes but are just as heroic.

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To “help those who help us” and “play it forward”, the net proceeds from any of the toys purchased in the #ThankYouHeroes collection online up until May 31 will be donated to #FirstRespondersFirst, a fund dedicated to providing supplies, equipment, and resources for healthcare workers and their families in the United States.

“#ThankYouHeroes is designed to immortalize and honor healthcare and everyday heroes, and to drive additional donations to support first responders,” said Chuck Scothon, senior vice president of Fisher-Price and global head of infant and preschool, in a statement. “Whether these toys are given as a gift to recognize someone working on the front lines, or used as a tool to help children have conversations about how they are feeling, it is our hope that Fisher-Price toys, and play in general, can ultimately make these difficult times easier for both kids and adults.”

While this line of collectibles may be one of Mattel’s first efforts to provide support to those who need it, it won’t be the last, with other projects from its other brands already in the pipeline for the upcoming weeks in addition to the 500,000 face masks they’ve already donated to healthcare workers and the toys they’ve contributed to nonprofits and childcare centers for these workers’ kids.

“Mattel’s iconic brands and products speak to something deep within us,” said Arianna Huffington, founder and CEO of Thrive Global, one of the organizations behind the #FirstRespondersFirst. “So it will be wonderful to see this new Fisher-Price collection not only bring joy to children, but give parents and caregivers a new way to honor healthcare first responders and everyday heroes and their families.”

The #ThankYouHeroes line is now available for online preorder here for AED 73, in which AED 55 will be donated to #FirstRespondersFirst, and is expected to start shipment by December 31. 

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