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Hend Sabri to Be the Next Guest on ‘Manuel Arnaut in Conversation With…’

Manuel Arnaut in Conversation with Hend Sabri

Manuel Arnaut in Conversation with Hend Sabri will be live on Monday, May 18 at 10pm (UAE time)

Cairo-based Tunisian actor Hend Sabri will be joining the Editor-in-Chief for the next episode of ‘Manuel Arnaut in Conversation With…’ On Monday, May 18 at 10pm (UAE time)/8pm (Cairo time), make sure to tune in to what is set to be an engaging chat as the two come together on Instagram Live on @VogueArabia.

With a career spanning for more than two decades and charged with iconic roles, the actor continues to break barriers and champion social causes in the industry. However, Sabri’s accomplishments are not limited to acting within the region and go much beyond it, making her one of the most decorated Arab stars in a world that is no stranger to her talent.

Hend Sabri

Hend Sabri photographed by Amr Ezzeldinn for Vogue Arabia November 2019

Sabri also represents the regional film industry at international events where she is welcomed with due respect as she is often the first Arab woman to make it there. The actor became the first Arab woman to join the jury panel for the Luigi De Laurentiis Award at the 76th Venice Film Festival. She too became the first Arab actress to join the Rotterdam Film Festival jury panel in 2016. In 2019, Sabri made history once again by becoming the first Arab woman to win a Starlight Cinema Award. Her win was chosen at the behest of The Italian Women Journalists Foundation as “a result of her great talent and outstanding artistic career.”

While Sabri doesn’t rule out the possibility of “crossing over” into European or US films, she remains mindful of the impact of her roles. “I’m not going to pursue it exclusively,” she had said in a previous interview. “I work in the region and I think this region needs us. It needs its talent. It needs people who can inspire, who can prove to the youth that you don’t have to ‘cross over’ to be someone. They don’t have to be a tool to tell stereotyped narratives about the Middle East.” These principles have led Sabri to get her very own Netflix series, in which she will not only star but also operate as the executive producer under her company Salam Productions.

Hend Sabri, Milan Fashion Week, Etro

Hend Sabri at Milan Fashion Week. Photo: Instagram/@hendsabri

In the live conversation on Monday, expect to learn more about the actor — from her historical accolades to her more recent sartorial reinvention. The past Milan Fashion Week had been the actor’s first foray into the world of luxury fashion. “It’s new to me,” she had shared then. “I come from the cinema world so fashion to me has always been kind of intimidating. But it’s art, it’s costumes coming to life and this I relate to, so so far, it has been nice.”

Have a question for the actor? Send it to us at for a chance to have it answered by Sabri.

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