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Exclusive: Louis Vuitton X Jeff Koons Masters 2

It’s been a particularly busy 2017 for Louis Vuitton, from launching its first foray into wearable tech in the form of the Tambour Horizon watch to furthering its Unicef project with Jessica Kahawaty, and the recent grand unveiling of its Place Vendôme store. And, of course, the main collections by Nicolas Ghesquière.

Today, Louis Vuitton has officially re-lit the touch tape on its collaboration with artist Jeff Koons from April 2017 for Fall 2017, unveiling Masters 2. Once again, art aficionados and LV loyalists can seek ever more common ground. #LVXKoons is back.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton X Jeff Koons Masters, Speedy 30

The first lineup of Masters celebrated the signature works of Leonardo da Vinci, Rubens, Van Gogh, Titian, and Fragonard – but for those who like their luggage with a side of culture. The series of iconic paintings dashed across Louis Vuitton’s accessories were reinterpretations of the classic works of these masters. The featured paintings are from the New Yorker’s Gazing Ball series. As featured in his show at the Gagosian Gallery, Koons repainted over 35 great works of art, vastly scaled up in proportions, and protruding from the paintings were large blue, all-seeing orbs.

Louis Vuitton tapped next-level fabric and printing technology to capture the paintings in graphic detail on its most beloved handbags and luxury accessories. The closely guarded Louis Vuitton monogram was also reworked for the first time in the maison‘s history to hold the initials of Koons back in Spring 2017, and now it hangs bauble-like from the Speedy 30, Keepall 50, and Neverfull MM with Koons’s initials for Masters 2.

For round two of #LVXKoons, we see Koons’s Gazing Ball works that capture the likes of Édouard Manet’s “Luncheon On The Grass” (1863), Monet’s “Water Lilies” (1916), JMW Turner’s evocative snapshot of “Ancient Rome” (1839), Paul Gauguin’s “Delightful Land” (1892), and François Boucher’s “Reclining Girl” (1752). The works of art are made afresh for 2017 and beyond, printed across Louis Vuitton silk squares, iPhone 7 covers, and Montaigne MM bags galore. Not only are the five new additions in Masters 2 brilliant in their boldness, they are loaded with Koons’s design DNA. Cue: the swing-tags cut in the silhouette of inflatable rabbits and classical paintings contrasted with anachronistic hues of modern blue.

Koons has often demonstrated the ability to transform kitsch ephemera (the balloon animals spring to mind) and reimagined oil paintings into a dialogue about the self and social discourse. In the LVXKoons Masters 1 & 2 collections, it is all about wearable, contemporary art (it’s so Insta-genic and Tweet-worthy). Not confined to a shelf or hung on a wall. This is for you, your wardrobe, and the museum of your stylish youth.

Here Vogue Arabia exclusively reveals Ten Questions with Jeff Koons by Louis Vuitton. The Jeff Koons X Louis Vuitton Masters 2 collection will be available worldwide in boutiques from October 27th. 

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