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8 Secrets to Know About Moroccan-Swedish Musician Loreen Before Her Ball of Arabia 2024 Performance

After the likes of Ciara, Kadim al-Sahir and Leona Lewis, Moroccan-Swedish musician Loreen is all set to take over the Ball of Arabia stage on February 15, 2024. Keep reading to discover some less-known facts about the artist.

Moroccan-swedish Musician Loreen

Loreen for Vogue Arabia, July/August 2023. Photo: Simonas Berukstis

Vogue Arabia’s most coveted event of the year, the Vogue Ball of Arabia, is almost here, and it promises to be as grand and illustrious as ever. This year’s theme falls in line with the ever-evolving mermaidcore obsession that has taken over the world since the release of The Little Mermaid last year. With Halle Bailey’s Ariel came glistening tails in iridescent hues, glitters, luxurious waves, all shades of blue, and of course, pearls in all forms.

Following the oceanic theme, the Ball of Arabia is paying homage to the sea and the UAE simultaneously with this year’s mystical ‘Mermaids of the Gulf’ theme. But the nod to the underwater world extends far beyond just the ball’s dress code. The Arabian Sea has been a crucial factor in the region’s economic growth for decades, and the rich pearl-diving industry remains embedded among the UAE’s treasured traditions. To honor its significance, the 2024 Ball of Arabia has partnered with Emirates Marine Environmental Group (EMEG), established in 1996 under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Manal bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and leadership awarded to Major Ali Saqer Sultan Al Suwaidi. Using its ever-growing reach, the 2024 edition will dedicate itself to raising awareness about EMEG’s incredible efforts to preserve biodiversity in the United Arab Emirates.

Taking place on February 15, the 2024 edition of the Ball of Arabia will be held at Dubai’s most luxurious hotel, Atlantis the Royal, in partnership with Hongqi, Amaffi and Komos. Like every edition before it, the ball will bring together a sparkling guest list of royalty, celebrities, VIPs and influencers, and will treat guests to an intimate, exclusive musical performance by a renowned artist. After the likes of Ciara, Kadim al-Sahir, and Leona Lewis, the 2024 edition of the ball will see none other than Moroccan-Swedish artist Loreen, who is also the two-time Eurovision winner, take over the stage. If you’re a fan of the Arab Musician’s hits like Tattoo, Euphoria, and Is it Love, then you won’t want to miss this performance. And if you’re not as familiar with her, Vogue Arabia takes you through eight interesting facts about the musician of the moment.

Here are eight things to know about the Moroccan-Swedish musician Loreen before her performance at the Ball of Arabia on February 15.

She has Middle Eastern roots 

Loreen was born Lorine Zineb Nora Talhaoui in Stockholm to first-generation Moroccan migrant parents. The artist has always admitted to being proud of her roots, and believes everyone should be proud of their origins.”People are longing for heritage, for roots. If I send a little bit of that root energy, that knowledge, it’s precious,” she once told Vogue Arabia. During the conversation, Loreen also shared that she has always felt different in her surroundings — something that has motivated her to work harder to prove herself in a male-dominated industry. “You must fight for your vision, as a woman, and as a Moroccan,” she said.

Her music journey came as a surprise, even to her 

Surprisingly, Loreen has professed that she was a very shy child, and would often hide in her room, singing to herself as a means to dive into her own little creative world and achieve solitude in a big family with six siblings. “My own space was important for me,” she explained. “I didn’t want to become an artist because that meant sharing with people. I wanted this for myself. I was already sharing too much.”

Her first audition experience did not go according to plan

The musician’s first-ever audition for Swedish Idol in 2004 was painstakingly awkward. The artists once revealed that back then, she didn’t even know how to use a microphone. However, Loreen used this as a learning experience and focused on honing her craft for several years after. “Once I decided that I would learn everything, ‘school’ started,” she states.

She has made not one, but two record-breaking wins

Moroccan-Swedish musician Loreen is the only person in history to score two wins at Eurovision. Eurovision is a song contest organized annually by the European Broadcasting Union. Loreen’s first win was acquired at the 2012 contest in Baku with her song “Euphoria”, and again in 2023 with her song “Tattoo”.


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Her style sets her apart from other Swedish musicians

Loreen is known for her avant-garde, expressive looks which blend edgy, futuristic, and artistic elements. She is also known to oversee her looks for her performances, which often have a high-fashion aesthetic including exaggerated silhouettes and sharp cuts, and are paired with gorgeous Moroccan jewelry, funky henna, designs and embellished nails. The looks are usually paired with equally elaborate makeup in intense colors like black, brown, and metallics.

Her debut album was a great hit

Released in 2012, Loreen’s first-ever album, Heal, garnered the attention of millions around the globe in several different countries, reaching high chart positions. The debut album was also certified platinum in her home country, Sweden and sold over 40,000 records.

Her sound is classified as genre-blending

Moroccan-Swedish musician Loreen’s sound encapsulates several genres, powerful vocals, catchy melodies, and electronic production which has coined her sound as ‘genre-blending’. The artist’s work incorporates pop tunes, along with electronic, dance, and alternative pop elements, resulting in a unique sound that sets her apart. Her songs encompass a variety of topics including her heritage, strength, love, relationship identity, empowerment, and more.

For her, authenticity is the key to success

Loreen prioritizes her sense of self and her creative voice above all and advises new creatives to remain steadfast and never compromise to satisfy others’ opinions and demands. The artist once said, “I believe that if you want real success today, you must be authentic. You can’t be a product of somebody else. If you look at the most successful artists we have now, they’re very authentic in their creativity.”

Save the date for the Vogue Ball of Arabia taking place on February 15, 2024, at Atlantis the Royal, and watch this space for more details.

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