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Cosentino Unveils a Capsule Collection with Five Designers, Inspired to Create Without Limits

The second edition of Cosentino’s Capsule Collection was recently unveiled at the SKOONI Art Foundation & Residence, marking a groundbreaking collaboration between Cosentino and five visionary designers, resulting in a limited-edition series that dares to play with boundaries and materials.


Cosentino’s latest Capsule Collection. Photo: Nateele Cocks. Courtesy of Cosentino

The journey began in October 2023, with Cosentino issuing an open invitation to top regional designers to explore the possibilities of Dekton Slim Protek, a revolutionary 4mm carbon-neutral stone renowned for its versatility and sustainability. Over five months of intensive collaboration, the designers – Nadine Kanso, Omar Nakkash, Rabah Saeid, Omar Al Gurg, and Thomas Trad – embarked on a creative odyssey, pushing the boundaries of their craft to create a collection that transcends convention.

Blink by Nadine Kanso. Photo: Nateele Cocks. Courtesy of Cosentino

Dinna by Omar Al Gurg. Photo: Nateele Cocks. Courtesy of Cosentino

The result? A breathtaking ensemble of functional art pieces that celebrate the essence of home, culture, and modern living. From a whimsical floor lamp inspired by ancient motifs to a symbolically rich bench paying homage to heritage, each piece tells a unique story, weaving together tradition, innovation, and contemporary design.

kəˈnɛkt by Styled Habitat. Photo: Nateele Cocks. Courtesy of Cosentino

Kimiko by Thomas Trad. Photo: Nateele Cocks. Courtesy of Cosentino

At the heart of the collection lies Dekton Slim Protek, a material that serves as both canvas and medium for the designers’ boundless imagination. Its ultra-thin profile lends itself to a myriad of applications, from sleek office desks to modular furniture arrangements, showcasing its versatility and adaptability in the realm of product design. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each piece in the Capsule Collection is a testament to the skill and expertise of its creators. Dubai-based bespoke furniture craftsmen Cherwell brought the designers’ visions to life, overcoming production challenges with finesse and precision. The result is a collection that not only pushes the boundaries of design but also sets a new standard for innovation and creativity in the industry.

Oli Bench by Omar Nakkash. Photo: Nateele Cocks. Courtesy of Cosentino

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Capsule Collection serves as a platform for collaboration and inspiration, bridging the gap between established designers and emerging talent. This year, the collective will engage students from prominent design schools in the UAE, nurturing the next generation of design innovators and fostering a culture of creativity and exploration.

With its bold vision and daring spirit, this Capsule Collection invites us to rethink the possibilities of design and reimagine the spaces we inhabit.

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