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Lindsay Lohan Reveals the Middle Eastern Dish She Loves Cooking at Home in Dubai


Lindsay Lohan has offered a rare insight into her life in Dubai, including sharing the Middle Eastern dish she enjoys cooking at home. The famed actor, who is married to Bader Shammas, a financier of Arab descent, is currently settled in the UAE, and recently spoke to Cosmopolitan US ahead of her Netflix film Falling for Christmas.

“I cook a lot. I do a lot of an Arabic dish called machboos. It’s chicken with rice and vegetables,” said The Parent Trap star going on to add what a typical evening for her looks like: “I also go to bed really early – 9.30pm.” The admission follows an episode of her podcast The Lohdown with Lindsay Lohan earlier this year, where she also shared that her “happy place foods” are the Arab dishes cooked for her by her fiancé’s family. “I feel like my fiancé, his family’s food, when his mother makes certain foods, those are my happy place foods,” she said. “They are just so authentic and comforting and exciting.” Lohan moved to Dubai in 2014 to safeguard her privacy. “It took me moving there [to Dubai] to really appreciate the time that I take for myself, instead of just going, going, going and learning to say ‘no,'” she added. “And really putting myself first, and choosing the things that I want to do, wisely, for me first.”


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The interview also saw the 36-year-old open up about her married life and Shammas’ temperament. “I have an amazing husband, who’s a very calm person. Just the best,” she said. Going on to speak about her upcoming film, for which she is also the executive producer, she said, “It was really comforting to me, when I got the script, to see a movie that was a rom-com because it’s always fun to work on something lighthearted and family-oriented that makes people happy and provides a bit of an escape.”

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