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Lindsay Lohan Prepares for Her First Child with Ocean-Inspired Nursery in Her Dubai Home


Lindsay Lohan is more than ready to be a mother for the first time. In a conversation with Architectural Digest, the actor opened up about her Dubai home and the ocean-inspired nursery she has created for her child.

After spending most of her time in the public eye, Lohan is happy to focus on her private life with her Kuwaiti husband Bader Shammas. “I feel so peaceful by the ocean—I wanted to create a space where my little one and I could share in that feeling,” Lohan said. The 37-year-old has created the perfect sanctuary for herself in Dubai, a villa near the azure waters of the Persian Gulf that satisfies both her love for the ocean and desire to live a paparazzi-free life. A room in this home has now been transformed into a “true haven” for her baby in collaboration with Nestig, a brand that is an expert when it comes to the nursery.


The design elements of the space remain centered around a wall mural reminiscent of nautical visions – it was conceptualized by Lohan along with illustrations from Nestig. “The planes and the sailboat felt so instantly classic, but the almost-rainbow watercolor effect felt really fresh and unexpected. It warms the space so much and I can’t wait to point out all the cute little elements to my babe,” she shared.

Longevity and sustainability are at the core of the products that bring life into the nursery. A soft aviator rug, a striped baby blanket, and a crib that can be converted into a toddler bed when the time comes are only some of the interesting elements scattered throughout the space. What’s more, the collection of endearing products was also designed by Lohan in partnership with Nestig and will be available for purchase.

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