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“Progress is Possible:” HM Queen Rania Urges the World to Come Together for Peace


Image: HRH Queen Rania/Facebook

She’s a passionate humanitarian who has been awarded for her tireless campaigning – and HM Queen Rania Al Abdullah shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. In fact, the Jordanian royal this week urged those around the world to continue pushing for change, as “we have come too far to quit now while we’re ahead”.

Her Majesty delivered the keynote address at the 2018 TRT World Forum in the Turkish city of Istanbul on Thursday, where she urged the global community to “confront the harshest realities of our world without losing sight of our ideals.” Highlighting that education rates, levels of poverty, and deaths from warfare have improved in recent centuries, history has taught humankind that “progress is possible”, the royal stated. “The headlines may lead us to believe that the world is gradually becoming less secure – but the trend-lines suggest otherwise: we have already made incredible headway in turning the world into a safer, more inclusive home.”

Yet, that does not mean that there is not more to be done. “One in five children around the world are out of school, including more than 15 million in the Middle East alone,” HM revealed. “Last year, 10,000 youth worldwide were killed or maimed in armed conflicts. And, each day, 44,000 people are displaced from their homes.” Queen Rania paid tribute to Turkey for its part in helping house refugees fleeing conflict, adding that “our world views might be different, but, rooted deep in the core of our humanity, we share the same overarching aspirations for the world: Peace, justice, and security for all.”

As such, peace is a common mission that “no nation can wage on its own”, yet many have “grown accustomed to news of the displaced dying at sea,” the royal mused. Paying tribute to Alan Kurdi, the three-year-old Syrian boy who died during his family’s bid to reach Europe, Queen Rania revealed that more than 10,000 people have since drowned attempting to make the same perilous trip across the Mediterranean.

“Every day, we are bombarded with evidence of suffering,” Her Majesty said, adding that “in the face of mass atrocities, too often, we fail to move decisively”. “Much of the world remains unfazed by genocide in Myanmar, where more than 25,000 Muslim Rohingya have been brutally murdered, and more than 900,000 driven from their homes.” Urging people to not resign themselves to a feeling of helplessness, Queen Rania reminded attendees that “we are capable of incredible things”.

“Even in the darkest of places, the best of humanity continues to shine through. Among the heartache, there is so much life left to cherish,” HM said. “Now is no time to disengage. Instead of despairing for all that we have lost, we must fight for the innocence we have left to protect. Our challenge today – and every day – is to confront the harshest realities of our world without losing sight of our ideals… and to remain steadfast in our refusal to accept the unacceptable.”

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