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“It is OK to Fail”: The Messages Women of the UAE Want to Share

Today we see the UAE mark the fourth annual Emirati Women’s Day, a celebration of the nation’s empowered women and their myriad achievements. The event was established in 2015 by HH Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Chairwoman of the General Women’s Union and President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, to commend the growth and progress of the UAE’s females, as well as their role in the development and advancement of the country.

To mark the day, which is held on August 28, we spoke to some of the nation’s most inspirational faces, to discover what the occasion means to them.

HH Sheikha Madiyah Al Sharqi

Fashion Designer is the significance of Emirati Women’s Day for you?
“The UAE has always been a progressive and supportive community, and it makes me proud that women today are more empowered than ever to pursue what they are passionate about.”

What female most inspires you?
“My mother has always been a constant inspiration to me.”

Kamelia Zaal

Creative Landscape Designer, and winner of the RHS Chelsea Garden Show Silver Gilt Award in 2015

What is the significance of Emirati Women’s Day for you?
“I believe it’s pivotal in expressing how the UAE is leading the way in female empowerment in the Middle East. We make a huge contribution to the workforce, both in the public and private sector. We could achieve a lot more, and celebrating women will encourage the younger generation to see how important it is for them to be involved in the development of their country.”

Which woman inspires you the most?
“Oprah Winfrey I find truly inspirational. She has succeeded through such adversity and yet she remains compassionate, giving, and spiritual. She educates and empowers both women and men. Her strength and fortitude I admire so much.”

What message would you want to share with the youth of UAE today, especially young girls?
“Never be afraid to follow your dreams. We live in a society pushing actively for you to reach your full potential. You can do anything you put your mind to. Go get it!”

Amna Al Haddad

Emirati Weightlifter

What is the significance of Emirati Women’s Day for you?
“It is a day to reflect on where we were, and where we are going as a nation that is providing opportunities for women to succeed in any field, with no restrictions. Personally, in this day, I remember how Sheikh Zayed pushed for women to contribute to society, and that no honest job or career is determinant on gender.”

Which woman inspires you the most?
“Every woman inspires me; the women that choose to work in new fields, the housewife that raises the new generation, the entrepreneur, and the leader. I believe we all can be inspired by each others’ stories. It is hard to pinpoint a single woman, but always, and first, my mother.”

What message would you want to share with the youth of UAE today, especially young girls?
“We live in a world that constantly wants us to achieve, to prove ourselves, to create a legacy. Everyone’s time is different and comes at the perfect timing for their personal growth. Do not rush the process; it is OK to fail and not know what your purpose is sometimes. The most important thing is to keep trying, and do so with child-like energy and curiosity and you will never lose the sparkle in the pursuit of your life’s mission. Take it one day at a time.”

Yasmin Al Mulla

Fashion Designer

Courtesy of Yasmin Al Mulla

What is the significance of Emirati Women’s Day for you?
“It is a very dear day to us all. We are so blessed and fortunate to live in this beautiful country; where women take their chances in all aspects, where women’s voices are being heard, and where women are treated as gems. Growing up in the UAE is a privilege and a beautiful, inspiring thing, as the rapid developments urge us to work hard to keep up and develop ourselves, and goals too! We are very driven in representing our country in a very optimistic way.”

Which woman inspires you the most?
“The one who appreciates her education, treasure her dreams, and believe in her goals.”

What message would you want to share with the youth of UAE today, especially young girls?
“Your education is your strongest tool that no one can take away from you. Have faith in yourself, create your own path, and believe in achieving your goals by yourself. You are living in a country where women are being supported in so many levels. Use your opportunities and always remember that there is a room for everyone.”

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