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Stars of the Arab World Send Messages of Support to “Fighter” Elissa

Fans were left shocked this week when Elissa revealed she had secretly battled – and beaten – breast cancer earlier this year. The Lebanese best-selling singer lifted the lid on her health battles as she dropped the video for her new single, Ila Kol Elli Bihebbouni, on August 7, which detailed her fight against the disease. “You know that moment when you wonder, will I ever see the people I love again? Those who love me back?” the 46-year-old singer poignantly questioned in the video. “Is it that moment when it’s all over? You won’t exist tomorrow?”

The star revealed that early detection had helped save her life, urging her fans to take care of their health. “Don’t ignore it, face it,” she says in the video. “Do it not only for yourself but your loved ones.” Elissa also begged viewers to find the positivity in her story, telling fans “this music video shouldn’t make you cry”. “It’s a reason to smile, be happy, and grateful. We can fight cancer if we know about it in the early stages. I love you all,” she posted on Instagram after her single started to trend online.

In the wake of the clip, which has racked up more than 3 million views in just 24 hours, many sent messages of love and support to the star – and among them were some of the region’s most famous faces. Lebanese songbird Nancy Ajram led an outpour of tributes to Elissa, wishing her fellow singer “a healthy and prosperous life”. Maya Diab also commended the star for “staying strong”, while recording artist Mohamed Hamaki‏ deemed Elissa a “true fighter”. Here, we round up some of the most moving messages sent to Elissa by Arab celebrities.

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