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August Horoscopes: Exciting Things To Look Forward To This Month

Artwork by Rohan Hande

August is here with a whiff of sunshine, summer, and a gleeful promise of a post-corona world – with so much to look forward to. Read on to find out what’s in store for your sun sign this month:


It’s a month for believing that you matter and that you’re enough. Focus on your long-term goals and keep your eyes on the prize.

Cosmic tip: Be tender with yourself.


A New Moon in Leo on August 18 is all about channeling your inner creative genius. You might start a creative project that allows you to take center stage. It’ll be your pride and joy.

Cosmic tip: Take up that idea you’ve always wanted to see take flight.


This is a great monyh for making money and fattening up your savings. On August 7, Venus moves into your 2nd House of Earned Income, where she’ll remain through September 6.

Cosmic tip: It’s time to work up those savings – make it count.


As divine Venus moves into your sign this month, you will be looking and feeling absolutely beautiful. As beauty comes from within – as you shine on the inside, it will show on the outside.

Cosmic tip: How you feel inside is how you seem on the outside.


Thanks to a Full Moon in your partnership sector on August 3, you might realize the importance of all the friendships and meaningful relationships in your life. This will be a month of gratitude and love.

Cosmic tip: Nurture those that are close to you.


The Full Moon on August 3 lands in the area of your chart connected to health and wellness. You will benefit from taking care of yourself emotionally and spiritually – a nice spa or a meditation session at home will bring clarity this month.

Cosmic tip: This month is about self-care; reach into yourself.


Venus, your ruling planet, moves to the top of your chart on August 7, signalling a key professional reward through September 6. It’s time to buckle up for that ultimate reward you’ve been working hard towards.

Cosmic tip: Keep being positive as rewards are coming your way.


With Venus moving through your 9th House of Mind Expansion from August 7-September 6, learning is definitely a pursuit this month. This will also be a time when you could meet someone who has a great deal of wisdom and life experience to share with you.

Cosmic tip: You will continue to learn and grow – in unexpected places.


With the full Moon on August 3rd in your communication sector, it’s possible you’ll finish up a book, or a workshop you’re working towards or other professional projects that you’ve been working on. It’s time to tie-in those loose ends.

Cosmic tip: Push yourself extra hard for the home run – it will be worth it.


There’s good news for relationships this month as your love life becomes extra harmonious after August 7. Venus moves into your partnership sector, bringing a stretch of peace and tenderness to your relationship through September 6.

Cosmic tip: You’re looking for bliss, and bliss you shall eventually find.


The month begins with a Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3 that will have you emotionally tied to a cause you believe in. You might be invested in making a real difference by participating in a humanitarian endeavor that is close to your heart.

Cosmic tip: Follow your heart and let it take you on your true journey.


On August 7 Venus moves into Cancer making matters of the heart based on sentimental connection. You may find yourself nostalgic about the one person in your life who feels like home.

Cosmic tip: Don’t be afraid to open your heart to nostalgia and relive fond memories.

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