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Celebrities React to Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s Resignation


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After 13 days of mass protests all over Lebanon, Prime Minister Saad Hariri told the country he was resigning. In a televised address he said, “For 13 days, the Lebanese people have waited for a decision for a political solution that stops the deterioration.”

Adding: “Throughout this period, I tried to find a way out, through which we can listen to the voice of the people and protect the country from the security and socio-economic risks.

“Today, I reached a dead end and I am going to Baabda Palace to submit the resignation of the government to President Michel Aoun and to the Lebanese people in all regions, in response to the will of the many Lebanese who took to the streets demanding change.

“To all the partners in political life, I say our responsibility today is to protect Lebanon and prevent any fire from reaching it.

“Our responsibility is to improve the economy and there is a serious opportunity that should not be lost.

“No one is bigger than his country.”

Hariri also took to Twitter to announce his resignation. He wrote: “I am now going to Baabda Palace to hand in my resignation in response to the many Lebanese in the streets. #Lebanoncomesfirst”

This follows the protests which saw citizens taking to the streets, waving flags, demanding a better living situation, and ultimately the resignation of the government. The prominent Lebanese personalities who were a part of the demonstrations and have vocalized their thoughts on the situation of their home country so far praised Hariri’s decision on social media.

“You are acting out of your love for Lebanon. It shows the clarity of what is inside you and the clarity of what you have faced and faced so far from all the parties at the ministers’ table who never agreed,” tweeted Lebanese singer and actor Maya Diab, while Elissa wrote, “Nobody is bigger than his country. Prime Minister Hariri resigned and confirmed that he heard the people. Thank you for having heard the voice of the people at a time others showed us that they don’t care about the people. God be with you.”

Najwa Karam shared a similar sentiment as she wrote, “The most beautiful words I ever heard, ‘nobody is bigger than his country.'”

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