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This Is How Lebanese Celebrities Wished Fairouz A Happy Birthday

Fairouz turns 85

Fairouz. Photo: Instagram/nancyajram

As Lebanese legend Fairouz celebrated a milestone birthday – turning 85 on November 21 – celebrities were quick to join in the celebrations, taking to social media to praise the singer.

From popstars including Nancy Ajram to actors including Youssef Al Khal, Lebanon’s celebrity community paid tribute to the megastar, with some not only wishing her a happy birthday but also crediting Fairouz for being a true source of inspiration. Singer Yara described Fairouz as the image of Lebanon, while actor Al Khal referred to her as the eighth sky, and fellow singer Elissa equated her radiance to that of the sun. Whereas Najwa Karam, known as the “Sun of the Arabic Song,” labelled Fairouz’s birthday as a Lebanese Holiday.

The award-winning singer’s role as an Arab icon is heavily cemented in our collective psyche. At a very young age, Fairouz, through her powerful music, was capable of being a significant unifying force of her country. The living legend famously uses her songs to highlight relatable issues experienced by the people of Lebanon – and she does so while appealing to all generations. In honor of the fabulous singer, we look at some of the most heartwarming celebrity wishes to Fairouz:

Nancy Ajram, “With you, we forgot time and age”


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A post shared by Nancy Ajram (@nancyajram)

Najwa Karam, “Your birthday is a Lebanese Holiday”

Yara, “The most beautiful picture of the world, the picture of Lebanon”


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A post shared by Yara (@yara)

Elissa, “The radiating sun…and the glistening moon”

Youssef Al Khal, “7 are the skies, and Fairuz is the eighth,”


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