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In Conversation: Latifa AlGurg and Remi Mobolade Tell Why the UAE Makes Them Happy

For many, the UAE presents an exemplary case of constant growth and evolution, which Vogue Arabia is highlighting throughout the month of December, as the nation turns 50. What’s more, the anniversary of the UAE will also be celebrated with aplomb come December 12 at the Ball of Arabia, which is all set to light up the city of Dubai at Raffles The Palm Dubai.

As part of Vogue Arabia’s month-long anniversary specials, we brought together a diverse collection of some of the UAE’s most interesting and influential residents to discuss the many experiences in the region that have brought them joy. After all, the UAE has been part of the UN World Happiness Report 2017 for three consecutive years.

In our latest video, Latifa AlGurg, founder of the Emirati label Twisted Roots, and Remi Mobolade, Global PR manager of Huda Beauty come together for a tabletop discussion on happiness, honoring the UAE as an intercultural nest where different religions and identities co-exist in harmony. The duo bonded over shared emotions, and also shared their different perspectives on experiencing happiness in the country.

AlGurg initiated the dialogue as she confidently agreed that the UAE is one of the happiest places in the world: “There are so many places that are happy places for me in the UAE, so many people that are happy people,” she shared. Mobolade agreed with the answer, sharing that she believes people are happy and comfortable in the UAE due to its diverse mix of cultures and backgrounds. “I came her nine and a half years ago, and I’m still here. It’s home for me. That, I think, is such a beautiful thing, and it definitely makes me happy!”

As Mobolade read out the second question, AlGurg shared a common misconception about her country—that the UAE is “not welcoming”. “It has a long-standing culture of acceptance, and tolerance, and learning from others,” she shared. Putting those three qualities into perspective, she revealed that she believes this was how the country grew to become what it is today. Mobolade was quick to express her surprise at how the UAE was established only 50 years ago, considering how far it has come in such a short period. “Within my less than ten years of being here, it’s grown so much,” she exclaimed proudly.

Over the course of their conversation, the two women—so different, yet bonded by the love for one common home—brought to light several facets of the UAE that makes it one of the most special places in the world. Watch the complete video above.

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