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12 Times Queen Rania and King Abdullah II Made Us Believe in Love Again

Queen Rania and King Abdullah II of Jordan on their wedding day

Queen Rania and King Abdullah II of Jordan on their wedding day in 1993. Photo: Instagram/@ido.962

It all started at a dinner party back in 1992. Queen Rania met the then-Prince of Jordan, Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein, at a dinner party and the rest, as they say, was history. The iconic duo was married the following year on June 10 for a summer wedding the Arab world will never forget. Since then, the Jordanian royal family has grown to include four children and an online family of millions, but it seems the love shared between their majesties is as strong as the emotions felt on their wedding dayif not stronger.

“God bless you, Abu Hussein, the most honorable of men, and forever our pillar of strength and integrity,” Queen Rania had said of her husband’s character on Instagram in honor of the King’s birthday on January 30.

With 30 years of marriage between the royal pair, it’s clear we could learn a lot from the Middle Eastern power couple. We have rounded up 12 times Queen Rania and King Abdullah II were a true representation of “couple goals” and the advice we could gain from a relationship steeped in years of romance and history.

Always support each other

The Jordanian Royals at the Scholar-Statesman Award ceremony in New York. Photo: Instagram/@queenrania

No matter the event or the destination, the Jordanian royals are famous for being by each other’s side for every momentous occasion — whether it’s a foreign working trip, a national celebration, or an awards ceremony such as the one in New York where King Abdullah was honored as a Scholar-Statesman recipient. “I am always so proud and overwhelmed by people’s love and admiration of Your Majesty around the world,” Her Majesty wrote. “We’re so blessed and lucky to have you!

Watch out for your significant other

Queen Rania fixing King Abdullah II’s tie at an official dinner in Japan. Photo: Instagram/@queenrania

Keep an eye out for your partner and be ready to step in and smooth back a strand of hair or rearrange a tie, as Queen Rania did for King Abdullah at an official dinner in Tokyo, to help them make an impeccable impression at any moment of the day.

Take time to just enjoy each other’s company

“A relaxed Friday afternoon with His Majesty” Photo: Instagram/@queenrania

Even with a schedule as hectic as rulers of a country, the royal pair makes sure to steal moments to bask in each other’s company and enjoy some much-deserved alone time.

A couple who does philanthropy together stays together

“Their Majesties King Abdullah II and Queen Rania Al Abdullah host an iftar for a group of orphans from across the governorates, at the Children’s Museum” Photo: Instagram/@queenrania

As a couple that is constantly engaging in acts of service for not only their people but also people all over the world, Queen Rania and King Abdullah II are models for philanthropic efforts to bring people even closer together.

Don’t be afraid to post a touching tribute

Photo: Instagram/@queenrania

While Queen Rania is known for posting heart-warming photos of her and husband to her Instagram feed, her captions are equally moving with phrases often filled with the most compassionate words. “God bless us and keep you above our head…To the most loving husband and father, happy birthday from all of us,” shared Her Majesty on a previous birthday.

Celebrate each milestone

Photo: Instagram/@queenrania

Whether it’s been one year or 20 years, celebrate each major moment you’ve spent together and the privilege you both have to love each other, as Queen Rania does on each anniversary. “After 24 years, I still feel like the luckiest woman in the world! Happy anniversary, Your Majesty.”

Don’t forget the little moments

Photo: Instagram/@queenrania

As important as it is to remember the milestones you’ve accomplished together, don’t forget to acknowledge even the little moments you share on a daily basis that are just as special, such as when Queen Rania wrote, “I am so lucky to be by your side, today, tomorrow, and every day to come.”

A little romance never hurt anybody

Photo: Instagram/@queenrania

Even if you’re not one to indulge in elaborate demonstrations of love often, an occasional romantic gesture definitely takes the cake.

Think of the ‘gram

Photo: Instagram/@queenrania

Coordinating outfits is not only a picture-perfect opportunity for your Instagram, but also a simple way to show you care about your loved one and their sartorial choices.

Help others before helping yourself

Even if it’s Iftar time and you’re just as famished as your significant other, be considerate of their needs and welcome the opportunity to help them even before yourself.

Explore the world side-by-side

“Arriving to Madrid on a working trip with His Majesty.” Photo: Instagram/@queenrania

Although the saying goes “distance makes the heart grow fonder”, experiencing new cultures in foreign destinations—even during work trips—creates distinctive bonds between the two of you in ways that are hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Raising a family in partnership

Photo: @queenrania

The love you share with each other is often reflected in your children and how you raise your family. It’s clear the entire royal family is full of adoration for each other both in the public eye and private, thanks to the example Queen Rania and King Abdullah II have gracefully set as a team that supports one another.

Scroll through the gallery below for more special moments between Their Majesties.


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