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Kate Middleton Connected With New Mothers About Baby-Name Pressure

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Kate Middleton—Princess of Wales—empathizes with new and expecting parents who are feeling the baby-name pressure. While on a visit to the maternity ward at the Royal Surrey County Hospital on Wednesday, October 5, the princess found at least one way she could relate to the parents she spoke with: the difficulty of choosing just the right baby name that makes everybody happy. Of course, in Kate’s case, she was trying to please the whole world, not just her parents and in-laws, when naming her kids.

“She just really talked about her own children including how they chose their names,” Amy Stubbs, the hospital’s deputy director of midwifery, told People. “A lot of the new mums and dads are thinking about how to choose names for their babies, and they spoke with her about how Kate and William made their choice.”

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Stubbs continued, “She said they were their favorite names and that obviously the world was waiting for them to name their children—and that felt like quite a big pressure!” Luckily, William and Kate’s favorite names just happened to be very traditional British monikers given to scores of their royal ancestors before them. If their favorite names happened to be slightly less traditional like, say, Archie or Lilibet, well, we all know how that would have turned out.

Kate Middleton allegedly wants another baby (even if her husband is against it, per Elle), so maybe she’ll get her wish and then she can name baby number four something truly out of left field.

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