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June Horoscopes: Discover What The Month Has In Store For You

june horoscope

Artwork by Rohan Hande

As we rapidly roll into another month, it’s important to take stock of how differently things have turned out this year and how far we’ve come. We have not only managed to embrace this new “normal” but some of us have been able to thrive on adversity. As lockdown restrictions ease we gain a new sense of freedom, but what we do with it is all important for our next chapter.

Read on for your June horoscope and find out what the summer has in store for you:


The new moon will bring immense emotional clarity to help set your priorities straight and allow you to pursue forgotten dreams. Whether it’s a vacation you’ve been planning for a while or a meditation course you’ve been meaning to try – this is the time to give it a shot.


Mercury, the planet of the mind will enter your sign on June 4. Allow yourself to dive into any conflict with a renewed zeal – as the planet of communication gives you that extra boost to handle any unforeseen situations. Don’t be afraid to step up and solve that knot that’s been tightening in your mind. Try some aromatherapy around the time of the full moon to help relax and unwind.


You’ll be happy to know that June begins as a rather social month for you with many beach visits and outdoor adventures lying in wait. Socializing feels great for your mental health right now – albeit with some healthy social distancing, of course!


This is a unique time of the year for you to reflect on your professional accomplishments. It’s the only time of year you will find yourself reminiscing about your career , so take stock of what you have achieved and make note of what you want to accomplish moving forward. Breathe, take a step back and focus on the present.


As Mercury moves into Cancer, on June 4, pay attention at work to messages from senior members of staff. With the planet of mind entering the house that governs your career – you’ll feel an especially renewed sense of purpose and importance in your job. Enjoy this month of productivity and reaping the rewards.


As Mercury, the planet of ideas enters your house of horizons it will bring you dreams of distant travel, higher learning and new possibilities. Go ahead and give in to the wanderlust and book those tickets to Greece for the Summer!


The new moon in Gemini offers fresh perspective to your life’s relationships – with those close and afar. Moreover, the planet of love and beauty, Venus, enters Gemini on June 8 bringing some exciting new developments on the personal front. For those already in relationships expect to flourish over the next few weeks.


For the hardworking Capricorn, the new moon in Gemini gives you that much needed push in the projects you’ve been toiling over for so long. Your daily and menial tasks will suddenly begin to feel light and breezy.


June comes with a promise of fun and marks the beginning of exciting new creative projects for the enterprising Aquarius. Utilize this time to say goodbye to initiatives or relationships that were coming to their natural end and cleanse your palette for what’s incoming. Don’t forget to take this time to tune into the needs of your loved ones and those that truly matter.


This month, let your creativity take over and you’ll be in for a nice surprise. Take time to decorate your personal space – where you’ve been spending most of your time lately. Maybe organize that bookshelf, repaint the walls or get a new lampshade?


The new moon in Gemini, on June 3, is the best time to be productive. So, stop procrastinating and dive headlong into a new project whether it’s knitting a new sweater or working on that resume. This will be your most constructive month this year – make it count!


On Saturday, June 8, Venus enters Gemini and brings their powers together to work some magic on your resources – financial and personal. The moon brings fresh perspective on what you really hold important and emotionally satisfying in your life. Don’t be afraid to tune into its radar for some cosmic clarity. Journaling is a good way to achieve that goal.

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