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This is What Jennifer Lopez Suggests You Do to Stay Positive in Times of Crisis

Jennifer Lopez

Photo: Instagram/@jlo

Over the weekend, Grammy-nominated American singer Jennifer Lopez posted pictures of herself – bouncing, mid-air and ecstatic off what only seems like a trampoline in their Miami home. The pictures were accompanied by a positive and upbeat message to her 119 million followers on Instagram. She wrote, “In this time, when it’s so easy to get down and think of all the things going wrong and what we don’t have and don’t know the answers to… I make it a habit to say three things I’m grateful for as soon as I open my eyes and then at night when I’m lying in bed I list three good things out loud that happened that day.”

“Could be anything… and I try to change them so they are not the same everyday,” she continued, before a parting message to her fans, “Stay positive and stay safe. Love you and miss you all… together we will soon be ❤️”

Her caption was a much needed weekend pick-me-up in these uncertain times when it’s easy for us to focus on the things that aren’t quite going according to plan. About her life in quarantine with her 44-year-old fiancé, Alex Rodriguez she shared, “I planned to take a little bit of time off after the whole Super Bowl thing and World of Dance that I just finished filming a few weeks ago.” Adding: “So, it’s been nice so far.” And while she acknowledges this is also a “weird, scary time” in world history,” Lopez is “making the best of it” by focusing on the quality time she’s spending with her fiancé and kids.

Jennifer Lopez, super bowl 2020

Jennifer Lopez at the Super Bowl 2020

J Lo’s fiance’s Instagram has been quite entertaining as well, with him posting TikTok videos of the two that have since gone viral:

Rodriguez is pretty grateful for having J Lo and family with him in quarantine, as one of his posts featuring him, Lopez, and their kids recently said: “One thing I’m incredibly grateful for right now is getting to spend additional time with my family.”

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