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Jennifer Lopez Pokes Fun at Past Relationships in Her New Music Video Can’t Get Enough

Jennifer Lopez is back with new music with the release of her new single and video ‘Can’t Get Enough’.

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The single is part of Jennifer Lopez‘s upcoming ninth studio album This is Me… Now launching on February 16, which has been highly-anticipated since the singer announced the project last year. Its first release, ‘Can’t Get Enough’ is a playful, upbeat track, and the music video captures the same vibe. It showcases Lopez poking fun at her past relationships, as she is seen dancing with a series of rotating grooms including her former World of Dance costar Derek Hough. The video also sees Lopez dressed in two distinct bridal gowns, with the first featuring a mermaid silhouette and a heart-shaped cut-out, while the second is a mini dress with a voluminous skirt and sheer white tights.

It may be safe to say that the cheekiness of ‘Can’t Get Enough’ will not remain throughout the entire album, given that the music video comes to an end with Lopez by herself as complaints from her offscreen partners can be heard in the background. Some of the things said in the video include “She doesn’t listen”, “She thinks I’m her employee”, “All she cares about is work. Add that to the defensiveness and the constant criticism”, and “It’s never enough for you”, before the screen reads “To be continued…”


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Ahead of the track’s release, Lopez spoke to fans via a YouTube live stream about how ‘Can’t Get Enough’ came together as a single. “I love a love song, but I need something — and I kept saying this to them — that I can perform,” she said. “So when we first heard this song, everyone just knew that this was the one to launch This Is Me…Now,” she added. “It has an energy, it has a happiness to it, and you feel it all.” Lopez also shared how she reached out to her husband Ben Affleck for advice on the music video. “Not that he’s ever really made videos or anything like that, but I just trust his opinion and his ideas,” she said. “Nobody kind of knows my story or me more than he does. I really feel like he gets me and he understands me, obviously.”

“All of you have been following my journey, and I think you’ve seen me,” Lopez said to the fans. “What I wanted to tell everybody with the album… is true love actually exists.” Lopez will be releasing her album alongside a film on Amazon Prime titled This Is Me… Now: A Love Story, as well as a deluxe version including a 40-page booklet of exclusive photos.

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