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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Are TikTok’s Most Stylish New Stars

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, TikTok’s

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. Photo: Getty

In 2020, if you’re not on TikTok, are you even living? The social media platform—which is mostly used by tweens and teens—is all about creating fun videos that are choreographed to music. One of the biggest TikTok trends right now is the “Flip the Switch” challenge: the setup has two users switch outfits halfway through the video, while Drake raps “I just flipped a switch, flip, flip,” (from his 2018 song, “Nonstop”). The clever videos that TikTok stars have created are already going viral: even Elizabeth Warren has taken part in the movement during a recent Saturday Night Live appearance. And now Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are, too—and the stylish couple may just have won the challenge entirely.

Uploaded on J.Lo’s TikTok page, Lopez is seen dancing in a white turtleneck dress with a backless detail; beside her, husband Rodriguez stands stoically, holding up the iPhone wearing a navy blazer, white shirt, khakis, and sunglasses. When the lyric hits, the duo then suddenly switch ensembles: Rodriguez now moves his hips in Lopez’s form-fitting dress—and he didn’t forget her signature gold hoop earrings, either. The cheeky moment blew away every other TikTok star’s version of the challenge. While Lopez is a bonafide superstar and Rodriguez one of the most famous athletes in the world, perhaps their next career path could see them become a professional E-couple? They’ve clearly got the TikTok skills down: all that’s left is for A-Rod to start wearing a single dangly earring, and J.Lo some black chokers.

J-Rod aren’t the first adult celebrities to get on board with TikTok, either. Last year, Reese Witherspoon learned the art of TikToking from her son, Deacon, where she tested out tons of dance moves and embarrassed him in the process. We’re calling it now: 2020 will be the year of grown-ups taking over TikTok. (Sorry, kids).

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