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Irina Shayk Reveals Her Favorite Summer Holiday Spot, Go-To Travel Companions, and More

Photo: Courtesy Anine Bing

Los Angeles based Danish designer Anine Bing boasts a massive following of a million followers who tune in daily to see how she styles her namesake collection, drinks her coffee (in Royal Copenhagen porcelain), washes her face, and rotates her epic collection of bags—vintage Chanel and Hermès are her favorites—but her new namesake beach bag hits the top of the list.

Her company, launched in 2012, is also expanding at a rapid pace—pandemic say who? Today, Anine Bing is available in 13 standalone stores around the world, from London to Paris, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Paris is what Bing considers the “chicest city and a constant inspiration,” as she shared with guests at a Seine riverside dinner to launch her resort collection before heading south to Eden Rock for dinner al fresco—at the same time as Chanel was showing Resort in Monaco, no less. The collection is modeled by the current face of the brand, supermodel and past Vogue Arabia cover star Irina Shayk, who shares that they first met on set before December, during Covid.

Photo: Courtesy Anine Bing

“Anine is an amazing, down to earth girl; she is a talented designer and a dedicated mother at the same time, and we connected instantly. I love her style—It is a great combination of simple, modern, and chic.” Shayk shares that the lace one-piece and tie-up shirt are two of her favorites from the all day and night collection Bing offers. “Not only are they chic, but comfortable too, and mix well into any wardrobe.”

Read on for our summer Proust questionnaire with Irina Shayk to help get you in the summer, resort-wearing mood.

Describe your ideal holiday
Beach, no phone, swim, eat, and watch fun movies.

Favorite summer holiday destination?
Italy or South of France.

Who would you travel with? (Dead or alive)
My family, always.

What do you appreciate most about the person you chose as your travel partner?
Great energy, easy going person. Definitely someone chill who doesn’t always want to be out touring around.

What would be the worst thing that could happen while away?
Hmm, a lost phone…or a bad sunburn.

Photo: Courtesy Anine Bing

What body part are you most self-conscious of?
I don’t have that part. I feel comfortable in my own skin.

What body part are you most at ease with?
My smile.

Which animal/fish you would be most excited to see underwater?
I love scuba diving and enjoy exploring underwater life. My favorite would probably be a shark—I’m obsessed with sharks.

Palace hotel or private cabana?
Small family hotel.

Linen or cotton sheets?

What is your most extravagant purchase on holiday?
I don’t shop on holidays. Unless I’m with my mum, then she loves to buy little antiques.

What are you thinking about when you shouldn’t be thinking?
Cleaning… I’m obsessed with cleaning. I am always thinking about cleaning my apartment.

What word or phrase will you be saying on repeat on vacation?
Relax and just enjoy it — we are on holiday!

Photo: Courtesy Anine Bing

Gym or exercise while off? If so, what?
Long walks, steam room, and cardio.

How long until you start looking at work emails again?
I’m good at getting back to people on time; but when I’m on vacation it’s a no.

Song or soundtrack of your holiday?
My playlist.

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