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Getting to Know Elad Yifrach of L’Objet Ahead of #DTD2017

interior design brand

Elad Yifrach, founding director of L’Objet. Courtesy of L’Objet

Luxury homeware and interiors brand L’Objet is set to make its debut at Downtown Design 2017 (#DTD2017) as part of Dubai Design Week, the fifth edition of the fair that kicks off on November 13-18. L’Objet’s directional collections gel with the Arabian aesthetic – cue ornate dinner plates in malachite and lapis hues – and bring together function, form, and chic.

In 2004, Beverly Hills-based interior designer Elad Yifrach decided to take his ardent passion for elegant designs with a cultured edge to the next level. He set up his own-brand of objets d’art, aptly named L’Objet. “I wanted to bring my design vision to life in a form of products that are functional and beautiful,” Yifrach tells

interior designer brand

The Celestial Bowl from L’Objet’s Tulum Collection. Courtesy of L’Objet

Having spent years exploring the Mediterranean, settling in California, and now living in New York, the designer has a well-traveled, worldly eye. His universally appealing homeware strikes the zeitgeist in artisanal design. From ancient Greek symbols seen in the Byzantium collection to Mayan architectural references in the Tulum range, and Venetian accents amid the Fortuny collection, the brand is a crucible for history’s chicest highlights in the form of functional pieces for your home. Yifrach tells Vogue why the Middle East is a natural center of gravity for his brand and answers our quick-fire Q&A ahead of his first exhibit at Downtown Design in Dubai.

interior design brand

The Celestial Convex Mirror from L’Objet’s Tulum Collection. Courtesy of L’Objet

This is your first time presenting collections in the Middle East. What drew you to Downtown Design Dubai? Dubai is a growing design market and we’ve been looking to expand in this region for some time. Having a presence at the show feels like a natural next step and I’m excited to explore the opportunities that this will lead to.

Do you have many Arab clientele, either as an interior designer or with L’Objet? We work with several luxury retail partners in the region, such as Tanagra, and also with a few palaces and designers. We want to understand the region better and work together with more clients and partners to bring the L’Objet vision to the ME audience.

interior design brand

The Cubisme Condiment Server from L’Objet’s Tulum Collection. Courtesy of L’Objet

Which key pieces from your collections do you think would most suit the Middle Eastern market? Our collections are very varied, encompassing different cultures, times, and places. We’ll be showcasing a real assortment at Downtown Design Dubai. Our Tulum collection and Alchimie Gold and Platinum dinnerware pieces make a statement that is very much fitting to the region.

What aspects of Arabian culture inspire you? I come from a Moroccan family, the cultures share a lot in common… Especially the abundance and hospitality that is so special and a signature to the people.

Namecheck your favorite Arab artists. I love Zaha Hadid and Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian.

What cultural landmarks would you would most like to visit on your trip? I am excited to visit the new Louvre Abu Dhabi and some mosques in the region, as well as the desert.

interior design brand

L’Objet’s Tulum Collection. Courtesy of L’Objet

Describe the Tulum collection in three words. Raw, organic, handmade.

Who is this collection aimed at? The collection is designed to inspire and make you want to travel places, or at the very least dream of an exotic place as special as Tulum.

What type of living space would this collection suit the most? It truly fits both modern and traditional. Like every piece I design, it has a nice balance that can bring a good sense of adventure to any space.

Talk us through the Fall 2017 Exclusives. What are the must-see pieces you are most proud of? Our glassware collection is very special as it combines old-world Venetian craft with modern techniques developed in the US and blown by hand.

What are your top tips for setting up memorable dinner table settings? Add layers to the table setting, mix and match different elements of the dinnerware and accessories, and always finish with lots of candle lights.

There are no real rules for good design as long as it flows well and pleasant to the eye and is functional.

As hospitality is of the utmost importance in the Middle East, which pieces would most suit the host who loves entertaining guests? Growing up in a Moroccan home, I share the same style of hospitality, especially around the dining table. I designed our dinnerware collections to be mixed together so the dining experience is dynamic and layered from one course to the other. You can serve the first dish in one pattern and the next in another that is different but works beautifully with the previous. It gives a sense of change and excitement and also a beautiful progression from one dish to the next.

interior design brand

The Oro Collection by L’Objet. Courtesy of L’Objet

What is the biggest “do” and the biggest “don’t” when starting a new interiors project? I try to be open to what the space can hold and how it can be transformed in an unexpected way, yet always keep in mind the flow, function, and warmth it should provide.

What is your most essential advice to someone who wants to make their home truly unique? Mix and play with different styles, don’t be afraid to show modern next to traditional, and have some unexpected touches that show your personality.

L’Objet will be showcasing at #DTD2017, taking place from November 14-17 in d3 at booth C03.

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