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This is the Bahraini Artist Behind Instagram’s Special Ramadan Stickers

Photo: Instagram/@haluulie

By now we all have seen the colorful stickers decorating the Instagram stories linked to the Holy Month of Ramadan. The artist who created them? Hala AlAbbasi, a Bahraini illustrator and graphic designer who was commissioned by Instagram to create the three designs.

Instagram’s design account posted on Monday to announce the collaboration: “Ramadan Kareem! We worked with @haluulie to create 3 new stickers so that you can share the traditions of Ramadan on Instagram. Hala AlAbbasi, an illustrator in Bahrain, was inspired by her favorite aspects of the holiday, and chose to reflect on the “beautiful moments that we share together.” Hala hopes that her stickers will be used throughout Ramadan to mark moments of celebration, from greetings to special suhoors and iftars, all the way to celebrating Eid.


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The first sticker is an illustration of a mosque against a backdrop of a starry night with a crescent moon. The second one is a visual of tea and dates representative of Ramadan traditions, while the third shows a crescent moon and colorful stars floating on a purple background.

AlAbbasi took to her Instagram story to express her excitement, “Omg I did Ramdan stickers!! They are finally out,” she wrote. “Enjoyed every process of creating these cute stickers for you guys! So you can use them as much as you can during your daily routine in Ramadan.”

In celebration of the Holy Month, Instagram has also added a feature that allows you to see all the stories with these stickers from everyone you follow within a shared story.

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