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Hussain Al Jassmi Disperses Love Through His Self-Composed Single Al Hassas

Hussain Al Jassmi

Hussain AlJassmi recently released a new single featuring an emotional dialogue with the heart called “The Delicate.” Photo: Instagram/@7sainaljassmi

Emirati singer Hussain Al Jassmi is used to spreading hope, joy, and positivity through his songs. In accordance with this approach, the singer has released a new self-composed single Al Hassas (“The Delicate”), written by the poet Ahmed Al-Sanea; orchestrated, audio-mixed, and mastered by Husam Kamel. The new song is an emotional dialogue with the heart, describing feelings of delight, distance, and sorrow.

“Oh, my delicate heart
It’s ok if you get hurt
Some love can be replaced
And some people too
Please, don’t be sad
And rest assured
Some connections can be painful”

Al Jassmi has exclusively released his new song on his official YouTube channel, along with the complete lyrics. The clip was introduced on all Gulf and Arab broadcasts and became available on music e-stores. The song is already highly viewed with almost two million eyes so far, reflecting the public’s clear longing for more of Al Jassmi’s voice.

Having performed live along with his band in an extraordinary concert for Eid Al Fitr celebrations during the Covid-19 pandemic, Al Jassmi believes in the role of art in addressing any problem that society might face. He also believes that spreading feelings of love, hope, and safety would help relieve society in difficult circumstances.

The Emirati singer had previously released a song called Rooh Al-Ishiq (“The Spirit of Love”) which he composed and wrote its lyrics in collaboration with the poet Al Ula. In his song, Al Jassmi depicts the feelings of love and describes its spirit as follows: “In love, you and I are two souls in a single body/You see nobody but me, and I see nobody but you.” The song is composed by Zaid Adel who also supervised the mastering and mixing. The song was introduced on Al-Jassmi’s YouTube official channel and on different broadcastings in the UAE, Gulf, Arab World, and e-stores.

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