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This was Huda Kattan’s Reaction on Finding Out that She Would be a Vogue Arabia Cover Star


Huda Kattan with daughter Nour on the Vogue Arabia May cover. Photography Domen / Van de Velde

The ninth episode of Huda Kattan‘s online reality show Huda Boss revealed the beauty mogul’s reaction to finding out that she would star on the cover of Vogue Arabia. The second season of the show currently airing on Facebook Watch, gives viewers an exclusive look into the world of Huda Beauty.

The episode shows an eager Kattan, sitting with her assistant Stacey as she is about to share the exciting news. “You know Huda usually doesn’t like surprises,” begins her assistant, to which Kattan agrees, but Stacey continues to say that this, in fact, is a good surprise.

As soon as the words “You’re going to be on the cover of Vogue Arabia magazine!” leave her assistant’s mouth, Kattan looks overjoyed with her eyes wide open and filled with laughter. “Are you serious? You’re lying,” says the American-Iraqi beauty entrepreneur in disbelief. The news does eventually sink in though, as Kattan says, “I feel like I’m sweaty. I can’t believe we’re actually doing this.” Continuing the conversation, her assistant explains that ever since she started working with Kattan, this has been her dream and Kattan also learns that she would be starring on the cover alongside her daughter Nour Giselle with her sister Mona Kattan also being a part of the issue.

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Episode 9: That Time Your Family Grilled Your Boyfriend.

Huda and Dom’s relationship goes to the next level and a Vogue dream becomes a reality for the sisters. Meanwhile, Huda Beauty's Product Development team tries to avoid a massive financial hit.

Posted by Huda Boss on Tuesday, September 17, 2019

“As a child, I don’t think I could even comprehend being on the cover of such an amazing magazine,” shares Kattan in the show. “I don’t think I knew what ‘Vogue’ was as a child.”

“I grew up in a little town in Tennessee, so that wasn’t something we ever would think of. So this is literally surreal.”

The episode comes to an end with Kattan joking that she wants to call her daughter Nour while she’s at the school to share the news with her. Squealing, she says, “Vogue Arabia. I feel, like, unreal even saying that out loud.”

In May 2019, Kattan starred on the cover with her daughter and was also photographed with and interviewed alongside her sister for the special feature. “We are like yin and yang. We complement each other. We’ve spent our whole lives together. We are very different when it comes to personality, but when it comes to goals, values, and our work ethic, we are very similar and both have huge aspirations. We want to build this incredible dream team and break industry records. We are so passionate. Nothing is better than working with your sister or your family,” Mona had said.

On the set of her first Vogue Arabia cover shoot, her seven-year-old daughter, Nour had sat next to her, appearing mesmerized by her mother’s glamorous aura. “She prepped for this shoot all last night,” said Huda. “Eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and going to bed early. She took it very seriously.”

Watch this fun video of the mother and daughter duo filmed behind-the-scenes of the cover shoot:

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